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There was a while when I drank a lot of tea out of wine glasses 🤷🏽‍♀️🍷 #fb

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So good to see @neyseeto & @oliverconnell ! Thanks for dropping by to catch up :) #fb . . . . .

friends #travel #lifesnaps #catchup #reunited #hkg #hk #surfbitches #love #friendship #goodtimes #goodfood #gooddrinks

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Happy birthday @amandapandawu 🦄👑 Unicorn Princess

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Missing this bunch (and the food, mainly :p) btw it’s 🦀 season ;) #fb

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You know what they say, the prettiest girls make the ugliest faces 🤷🏽‍♀️ missing @kmw_r @christineng @kayeechau #fb

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牛腱。[ngau jeen | beef shank] My mama makes this and I’ve always been in charge of slicing it when I want to eat it and no one is around to do it. I’m important. #fb

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Happy mid-autumn festival! 中秋(煲蠟)節快樂!jk jk #fb

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Would love for it to cool down but not entirely ready to say goodbye to summer. ☀️ #fb

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Looking for good food and places to chill in HK made me really miss branching in Melbourne.

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My girls @tiffkyfung @kristyfungi @yingjsoon & the fam made me feel so loved. #fb

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