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Osric Chau
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About Osric Chau

An Actor based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. He has also done extensive training for Wushu as a competitor/performer/instructor and has worked in stunts.


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Represented by Echelon Talent Management. Agents: Kate Forrester, Joel Morrish and Andrew Ooi


"What Women Want" (China) - Supporting Director Chen Daming

2012 ("Farewell Atlantis") - Supporting Director Roland Emmerich

Kung Fu Killer Part 2 - Supporting Lead RHI, New York, Director Philip Spink

Kung Fu Killer Part 1 - Supporting Lead RHI, New York, Director Philip Spink

Dragon Boys - Actor CBC/Omni Films, Director Jerry Ciccoretti

Gangs: Breaking News - Lead Global TV

Cold Squad - Principal Alliance/Atlantis, CTV, director Julie Stewart

The Miracle - Lead Shreerez Production, Director Afghar Massombagi

500 to 1 - Stunt man Nexgen Productions, Director Bruce Fontaine Honorary mention at Mighty Asian Movie Making Marathon

NBA Live - Motion Capture Stunts EA Sports G.I. Joe - Motion Capture Stunts EA Games/Double Helix Games

Martial Arts Achievements

9th Overall - Canadian National Team Trials in Montreal, 2007 Canadian Pan-American Team Member Gold Medal - Nanquan, Traditional Kung Fu Invitational, 2006 Silver Medal - Nandao, Traditional Kung Fu Invitational, 2006 Gold Medal - Nanquan, Tiger Balm Internationals 2006 Gold Medal - Ditang, Tiger Balm Internationals 2006 Grand champion - Adult soft weapons, 2006 Grand champion - Adult solf forms, 2006 Gold Medal - Nanquan, Can-Am Championships, 2006 Gold Medal - Double Broadsword, Can-Am Championships, 2006 Black Belt Grand Champion - Hand forms, 2006 Gold Medal - Nanquan, Traditional Kung Fu Invitational, 2005 Silver Medal - Pankration, Western Martial Arts Open, 2004 Gold Medal - Full Contact Sparring, Can-Am Championships, 2003

Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. Fluent in English and French, can speak Mandarin and some Cantonese.

Martial Arts - Started in 2001 with Wushu and Wing Chun, strayed for 2 years, back in it till now. 6 Months in Beijing Sports University. Also practice acrobatics and tumbling at open gymnastic gyms. Training/Coaching at West Coast Chinese Martial Arts in Vancouver.

I love observing people move and doing my best to imitating it.

Interesting facts about Osric Chau

Languages Spoken english, cantonese, mandarin, french
Location Vancouver, Canada
Gender male
English Name Osric Chau
Member Since October 26, 2007
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My Website: www.osricchau.com IMDB credits: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1859543/ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Osric-Chau/176288692615?v=info


english, cantonese, mandarin, french
Vancouver, Canada
October 26, 2007

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