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When I cafe, I cat cafe. With a Meowchiato. I order my drinks by the pun.


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He would definitely be counted on to watch Kevin's back when he comes to his squishy fleshy form again.… https://t.co/LFotpNkIAd

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RT @andreawalter88: One night Shannon decided to make a short film. Shannon Bassoe & Osric Chau are fun guys to work with! https://t.co/DgH…

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After years of being a proud independent actor, on this 14th day of February, 2017, I have finally joined the Screen Actor's Guild. What is life?


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@MelancholyPhoto yours

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@MelancholyPhoto It'd be a summoning. But as no one there is a warlock it takes a buttload of other magical creatures to make it happen.

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@Melstiel @MelancholyPhoto I have work to do.. but If that first tweet gets over 1k retweets I might just show up as Cap for a second :p

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@MelancholyPhoto ahh I forgot vegascon was this weekend! I'm so tempted to just drive over for the SNS concert :p

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@GeekyTeas Aww, thanks for the invite! I'm gonna be out of town then unfortunately :( But I'll come by for kitten rubs anytime haha

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@stirpicus Reminds me of the time I thought I was giving birth. Before I knew babies came out of ladies. Turns out I was lactose intolerant.

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