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Asian American Spotlight #52 - Cathy Yan

She's the first Asian female Director to direct a major Superhero Movie!

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When they want nothing to do with you but you still love them 😭💕

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It’s just one of those days

@reanimefilms -> Tokyo Ghoul

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RT @DavidBlue: Do you like laughing? Friendship? How about your favorite celebs embarrassing the hell out of themselves?! Then this is for…

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RT @mishacollins: #DearDonaldJTrump ,

Thank you so much for eradicating apathy in the USA. You have lit a fire under all of us true patrio…

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Couldn’t stay in Scotland so takes up bagpiping.



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Asian American Spotlight #51 - Chopso

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All the kudos goes to you Tia, you have my support! Way to go! 🙌 https://t.co/s3yUmJ1Qbz

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RT @HartsonForCA: I am proud to run with @justicedems to challenge Corporate incumbent @SenFeinstein to represent the state of California.…

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My absolute favorite organization I've ever come across. Champions for representation of Asian faces everywhere. Gi… https://t.co/n1iCWc0KGV

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