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@wheeler_forrest Nice shield! Team Cap all the way haha And yeah, I'm sure our paths will cross at some point, keep up the good work!

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Before I forget, I'd like to do a #FF for the cast of @FreshOffABC! @ConstanceWu @Parkrandall @HudsonDYang @Wheeler_forrest @TheIanChen

about 14 hours ago 420 likes  0 comment  52 shares

@Lady_Clairmont It tasted alright. Though I did eat a bag of almonds yesterday that were incredibly stale. I finished it though.

about 14 hours ago 13 likes  0 comment  1 share

You ever clean out your room and find a granola bar in an old bag and have absolutely no idea how old it might be? And then you ate it? Yep

about 14 hours ago 1110 likes  0 comment  235 shares

@callmeshifty Yay! Though that's why I never celebrate my birthday cause everyone's always away on vacation during it haha

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@josirius nope but I will! So many things that rings true in this show haha

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Still watching.. And I just realized I don't think I've ever seen my parents kiss either. Nor would I ever ask them to.. #FreshOffTheBoat

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@MaryHiddleAngel It's a dark red almost black paste so it does look like poo to the untrained eye. Usually in a bun/wrap type of thing.

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In 2nd grade most of the kids made fun of me for eating poo. It was red bean paste, and I loved it. More poo for me! :D

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@k_kresovich My grandpa was such a weirdo too lol, I loved him so much for that. He'd always dance for my friends for no reason.

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