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RT @RADestinations: Here’s Day 2 of the #Dreams2Acts: Nicaragua trip with @OsricChau and @AlainaHuffman! https://t.co/mqqUJNugsy More vids…

Check out day 2 of our Nicaragua trip! And all the other volunteer videos and blogs! They got to see so much more t… https://t.co/v8a7nwgI8U

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Driving back to Boston with @chadlindberg beside this badass snowplow plowing away

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So strange. I can’t believe we’re here already... https://t.co/irhIdL1hoz

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Happy Chinese New Year! Celebrating at a Chinese restaurant with my roommate Daria. @andreawalter88 https://t.co/upCgLLFzbn

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Asian American Spotlight #44 - Chloe Kim

Follow Chloe on Twitter: @chloekimsnow

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Can't wait! I'll bring my rubber pants! :D https://t.co/xh9N37cexA

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@andreawalter88 @kogonada @JohnTheCho sooo good!

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Hey everyone! I’d like you all to check out Happy Earth Apparel, they’re one of the most altruistic companies focused on conservation as they dedicate 50% of their profits to protecting the planet. In a time where we’re facing huge threats from climate change, plastic pollution, and deforestation, we need to support companies that make a difference. I’m wearing my favorite shirt from them! Also, happy Valentine’s Day! Love the earth, Love your neighbours, and don’t forget to love yourself ❤️

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@aka_kristin @CreationEnt @beeandcoconut i'll be there! :D

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