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Thank you all for joining me for the season premiere! Gotta run to the concert now so I'm there when they call for me!

DirkGently #ATLcon

1 day ago 558 likes  0 comment  49 shares

How about that ending??? Hehehe


1 day ago 401 likes  0 comment  43 shares

Picking up stray corgis in the city. That's the dream :)


1 day ago 433 likes  0 comment  47 shares

RT @annielicious14: Anything for family! #Supernatural #SPNFamiIy 😊 https://t.co/7zJPciHUfz

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@RachelMiner1 you're the best Rachel ☺️❤️

1 day ago 123 likes  0 comment  32 shares

RT @RachelMiner1: @OsricChau @MphoAK @TyOlsson Awesome job! Having so much fun watching you all in @DirkGentlyBBCA ps-We are all connected

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@MelancholyPhoto if I wrote it I would be smashing more things with the kittens!

1 day ago 62 likes  0 comment  7 shares

@daisydo67 it gets better with each episode ☺️

1 day ago 13 likes  0 comment  3 shares

Such wonderful weirdos on this show lol "Did you find a kitten?"


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@dianameux that's why I yelled out too while I was smashing the apartment the first time around :p

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