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RT @mishacollins: These people saved me today. If u want to save something, save a forest: https://t.co/yk8dRUbCYT https://t.co/d5TQkDHeIl

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For real though, if you're at #SDCC please help find us find @mishacollins. I like this world a lot more with him… https://t.co/9OJaDG8v4O

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Sounds good Mish! I'll be sure to give you a 445am wake up reminder so you don't miss any! 😄 https://t.co/48WPwzEQ95

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RT @AlainaHuffman: #TeamNaughtyPants strikes again! May your oddity be in @mishacollins favor! #sdcc #gishsdcc @RuthieConnell https://t.co/…

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RT @OfficialBrianaB: MISHA EFFING COLLINS!!!!! #SDCC #GISHSDCC #waywardAF https://t.co/2ToZuiyxuy

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RT @kimrhodes4real: Why ya gotta be so Misha, Misha? #sdcc #gishsdcc #waywardaf @mishacollins https://t.co/2UWK5nd9XE

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RT @mishacollins: Help! I’m a prisoner at #SDCC. I’ve given clues to my location to a colleague who hid them in fortune cookies: https://t.…

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RT @kimrhodes4real: Yep. @AlainaHuffman @OsricChau @RuthieConnell @OfficialBrianaB #sdcc #gishsdcc https://t.co/kqphCtv989

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Something I've learned this weekend. All my friends have small penises but we still love each other. But it's a little hard.

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I often pull pranks and then IMMEDIATELY make mistakes I will regret. It's the small penis. I can't help it.

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