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In Your Ear's Paul Bruski Purchases D.W.Fearn VT-2 Mic Pre For The Voices In HIS Ear!

http://www.dwfearn.com/Paul Bruski - leading voice audio post engineer and chief engineer with In Your Ear Studios is a careful man.His work demands absolute concentration and an ear for the minutiae as he records voices for hit TV shows, including Family Guy and The Clev...Read more

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MusicDish Presents: IN5 By Sekrett Scilensce

IN5 By Sekrett ScilensceSekrett Scilensce Associates has released the first single, "IN5," from the album The Rapman's Attire. This track has a catchy, thumping beat that is sure to be bouncing around in your head long after the song has finished. The song starts out filled with energy and enthusiasm and manages to transition effortlessly into a more subtle, laid-back tune.The addition of electronics and sound effects gives this son...Read more

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MXP4 To Show SXSW Attendees How Interactive Music Will Drive Increased Fan Engagement

http://www.mxp4.com/Paris, France - March 9, 2010 - MXP4, developer of music technology for interactive singles and albums, today outlined what CEO Albin Serviant and Vice President of Business Development Jeff Marois will be presenting at the 24th annual South By Southwest (SXS...Read more

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Alejandro Sanz Kicks Off New Season Of V-me's Estudio Billboard

http://www.vmetv.comPremieres Tuesday, March 30 at 10pm - with sneak peak special March 23NEW YORK, March 5, 2010 - Multiple Grammy-winner Alejandro Sanz leads an all-new season of V-me's hit music-interview series Estudio Billboard airing March 30 at 10:00pm (ET), with an encore presentation, Sunday, April 5 at 9:00pm (ET). In addition to Sanz, the new season features guest artists Cristian Castro, Noel, Pitbull, Fonseca, K...Read more

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Likeblood Breaks Urban Top 50 And Premiere's New Video On MTV Jams

http://www.likeblood.com/ Music:
http://www.likeblood.com/LikebloodMoneyOverHereMain.mp3The latest music video from D.C.-bred rap group, Likeblood, "Money Over Here" featuring Bo...Read more

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