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Sharing My Music

I haven't shared any music on this site, so I decided to post this one work in progress privately.

I improvised the piano part, played it through a couple times to add a little structure, recorded it live, then went back and added some strings to fill it out. 

It's a pensive and quiet unfinished song.  It doesn't need to be critiqued, I'm just casually sharing it.  :)

click here to listen

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This is...I don't know what to say...simply beautiful. What inspired you for this? I am intrigued.
about 15 years ago
Paradox din 81 20131002 din 116 edit
Very nice~!
about 15 years ago
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ARGH I SO WISH to listen to your music!!!! My sound card is spoilt!!! guess have to go to my fiance's place in order to hear it...sigh...
about 15 years ago
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It's nice, with feelings :) interesting strings fill out
about 15 years ago
Photo 22991
It's in C minor, was playing along on the small keyboard in my fiance's place :p
about 15 years ago
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Thanks everyone for the nice words... and butter, I'm glad it didn't hurt your ears... :/ :) celineblog - It was inspired by something that will never happen. D'in - thank you - honored from an accomplished musician such as yourself. Yes_Tom - you can! You just practice and practice. :) At this point I don't think much about keys, but it appears it was C minor. eva-ring - you know, though, violin is a very hard thing to mimick with electronic music - so you have a relevant instrument!. also, you can always learn to play the piano. Unlike language, when you're older your fingers have learned a lot of articulation and have strength so one hurdle is already done. cloudz7 - That's strange to think you were playing one of my unfinished pieces. You're a good ear-player - I remember that from your video. This song isn't nearly as complex as that. Ha! I'm going to put up a song for you to try to play by ear... hehehehe. Might take me a few days to put it up. when is your wedding set for? koojincage - thank you. It may be a long time before I finish this song... but I have to write a couple songs next week and I'll share them. dragontattoo - thanks. shorty - thanks coolcoco - xie xie ni! musicnote - You know, when I was in high school there was this beautiful girl who I always would admire from afar. I used to play piano a lot for school - lots of shows. I used to write musicals and perform them. After one show, she came up and asked me if I taught piano. Well, I didn't, so I said "no." She seemed a little disappointment. And now you see where my genius ends. lol. Years later I ran into her (after college) and she said "I had such a big crush on you and was trying to figure out how to get to know you." I had no idea. I seriously thought she wanted someone to teach her piano. Honestly - even to this day - I seem to have a great ability to see what people are thinking about each-other - but tend to have little sense what people think about me. There's my piano teaching story. No implication meant for your question though.... 'cause, you know, I'd have no idea anyway.
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