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PMX 2009

I didn't take too many photos at the PMX because the lighting was just horrendous, but I saw this when I was walking through the Hilton Hotel and it for me was so filled with symbolism I had to shoot it.

These are four Gothic Lolitas from the convention.  From a distance, they are dressed quite similar.  T wo of them are taking pictures of the other two (and yes, they did then swap afterward). But it's almost like a reflection, taking a photo of oneselves. If you walk through any heavily cosplay populated location you begin to see the blending of watcher and watchee. The stars and the fans begin to blend fluidly. And as they say: "It is the shape of things to come."If you're not sure what a Gothic Lolita looks like, here is an up close shot of a girl who was selling Gothic Lolita trinkets and such while dressed the part.  She was very charming, I wish it were a better environment for photos, but I liked this moment because it looked like the was faking her smile and it just sort of lent a strange interpretation to the whole thing.  I always feel like the real secret to Gothic Lolita is for people to not realize they're secretly holding a blade up their puffy sleeve.  :)

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Photo 22998
Another thing I've noticed at cosplay conventions compared to any music or film industries I've ever been to.... people are NICE to each-other. Even if there is a competition element.
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Photo 22998
moonchild - I watched this movie. Interesting... actually it was better than I was expecting. It's funny how japanese pop culture has this extremely common dynamic of a hot headed rough small character combined with a super sweet character as a duo. I think I learned a little bit about the gothic lolita thing, but I also think that that character was unique to itself and not quite representative of all.
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