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Orchestrating An Audience 配合聽眾 | 配合听众

When creating entertainment, I feel like the performance creator's job is to give the audience and excuse to do what they already want to do.  For example, at a concert, the fans want to scream at the cute boys on the stage and they want to be a fan.   When you're working in a concert therefore, your job is to justify a situation where this can happen.  You can use all the tools of drama to make this happen.  You orchestrate this release of emotions.  

For films, you do this same thing - you are assembling a series of events which is allowing the audience to go places emotionally that they want to go.  That place might be jump out of your seat cheering, but it might be holding the hand of your date in tears.  In long form, you may be able to take them to both ends of that spectrum if you set the stage correctly.

We have a need to experience emotions.  Most of our cultures don't allow for a fluid daily expression of these emotions and the entertainment world becomes the gateway to get there.  So, all artists and entertainers really need to do is provide a justification for this.  We don't have to force them to happen.  If we go too far and push too far, then we are over manipulating and people will retract.  Audiences don't want to be forced, they just want to be given the opportunity.  


電影也是一樣 -你可以把好幾個事件結合在一起,讓觀眾盡情宣洩情緒。也許可以跳出座椅喝彩,也可能是牽著約會對象流淚。有很多方法,你可以通過好的設計把事情發揮到極致。

我們都有體驗感情的需要。大部分文化不允許我們每天流露太多感情,娛樂世界就成了表達感情的渠道。所以,所有的藝術家和娛樂業者需要做的是提供一個理由。我們不需要強迫什麼事情發生,如果太努力推動做過了頭,會變得很假,人們會有牴觸。聽眾不想被強迫,他們只需要一個機會。|打造娱乐项目时,演出创作者的工作就是给听众一个借口做他们想做的事。比如,演唱会上,粉丝想对着台上可爱的男生尖叫并成为粉丝。如果你为这个演唱会工作,你的工作就是创造一个环境让这事发生,你极尽可能用各种方法促成它。你配合着他们释放情绪。 电影也是一样 -你可以把好几个事件结合在一起,让观众尽情宣泄情绪。也许可以跳出座椅喝彩,也可能是牵着约会对象流泪。有很多方法,你可以通过好的设计把事情发挥到极致。 我们都有体验感情的需要。大部分文化不允许我们每天流露太多感情,娱乐世界就成了表达感情的渠道。所以,所有的艺术家和娱乐业者需要做的是提供一个理由。我们不需要强迫什么事情发生,如果太努力推动做过了头,会变得很假,人们会有抵触。听众不想被强迫,他们只需要一个机会。

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same as musicnote...or issit supposed to be just the title to arouse our discussion? haha. Btw, post more photos of yourself hehe
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