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Need non-SAG Asian Actress with Accent in Los Angeles

My company is managing a production that shoots right after Thanksgiving in and around Los Angeles.  It's an educational video (teaches English by watching scenes in English).  We need a non-union Asian actress who either has an accent or can do a great one who (most important) is good with comedy.  The accent can be anything, but a chinese accent is prefered.  (In reality the character could be non-Asian with another accent, but it was scrīpted as Chinese, so we're trying not to rock the boat too much.)

Cute, fun, silly, age 20 to 30 - those would be great qualities for the character.  Comic timing is key.

It pays close to the SAG rate (but the company paying will not allow for SAG because of the five year renegotiating).  She must be legal to work in the US.

If you or someone you know is perfect for this - let me know ASAP - we need to cast this soon!  You can email:

alivenotdead AT allucinari.com

obviously change the " AT " to @

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That's funny HuisyG - yes, she needs to have an accent which is not native to English because she needs to ask questions regarding language now and then.
over 16 years ago
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Jaine - there is no picket line to be crossed because this isn't WGA or SAG contracted. TV shows are shooting still right now too - the only thing not happening right now is writing.
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