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Giant Robot Post It Gallery

Giant Robot held an art gallery featuring art drawn on post it notes.  I really liked this idea and think it's another example of the democratization of the arts world, but this time in a real world (non internet related) way.  Basically - if you think about a normal art showing you might have up to four artists and the paintings or sculptures are selling for a lot of money because they're huge and expensive to make.  It limits the audience who can afford to take them home. 

However, in this evening, the art is small enough that over 100 artists are showing in the same location and it's affordable enough (usually around 20 dollars) that pretty much anyone could pick one up.  And, trust me, they did.  Those things were flying off the wall.  Sure, it's not going to make an artist independently wealthy, but it is an avenue for expression and exposure as well as commerce.

I was in a conversation with a fine arts photographer last week who was saying that instead of charging thousands for limited runs of his prints, he was going to be making many more prints and charging less because he has found that doing this allows for enough sales that the bottom line is actually better.  While there is work involved in each photograph's printing, it's not like a painting where there is really no way to keep the price down to a volume based economic principal.  These post its however, I would imagine do allow for that.   Artists could also simply expand on this idea for their line of work.  

Here are a few shots of post-its which caught my eye as I first looked through them.   The artists were Jeffery Brown, Pamela Henderson, and I do not know the others.

This last shot is of Eric Nakamura, alivenotdead member and co-founder of Giant Robot.  Rarely do you see him without the camera in motion, thus... the camera is in motion here.

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