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以無法為有法 以無限為有限

DJ Lazyming was started djing since 2000. DJ Lazyming planned to start his djing career after he watched the hardcode band “LMF” in 1998, when DJ Tommy was djing at the show. How got influence by DJ Tommy from that day on and working hard on his target to be the top dj in H.K. Till now, he has been successfully won 5 Different Chanpionships since 2002 to 2005, such as: Hong Kong Vestax Extravaganza Champion” in 2002, “Hong Kong Heineken Found @ Thirst Champion (Hip Hop DJ Section)” in 2004, And “Hong Kong DMC/Technics DJ Champion “ in both 2004 and 2005.

Music Style: Hip Hop, R&B,Electro House, Funk House, Vocal House Favorites DJz HK: DJ TOMMY / DJ GALAXY JAPAN: DJ TONK, DJ KENTARO US: Q-Bert, DJ CRAZE UK: THE SCRATCH PERVERTS Favorites Artistz: LMF, Jin,Kanye West, Ne-Yo............

Titles and Awards: 2005 HK DMC DJ CHAMPION*(DefendingChampion) 2004 HK DMC DJ CHAMPION 2004 HK Heineken found@Thirst CHAMPION 2003 HK SUN ARCATE DJ BATTLE FINAL CHAMPION 2002 HK VESTAX Extravaganza CHAMPION

WOLRD Titles 2005 DMC WOLDR THE ELIMIINATIONS @ UK 2005 DMC Battle For World Supremacy @ UK 2004 DMC Battle For World Supremacy Quarter Final @ UK 2004 DMC WOLDR THE ELIMIINATIONS @ UK 2004 Heinken found@Thirst Asia Semi Final @ Vietnam 2002 VESTAX Extravaganza Asian Fianl @ Japan

JUDGES 2007 Hong Kong DMC Final @ California Club 2006 Hong Kong DMC Final @ C-Culb 2004 China Vestax DJ Competition @Beijing

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以無法為有法 以無限為有限

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