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My History


The penciller handles the first stage of all art that goes into a comic book or graphic novel. What this means is that he is responsible for the character concept creation, laying out of the panels on the page creating the background art and then drawing the characters (or other creatures) interacting on the page. The initial pencilling is generally done in blue and the best lines gone over later in black, as traditionally comic pages were photographed and shrunk after pencilling and it is easier to make the blue lines disappear. After the initial pencilling which lays down the look and shape of each full page, the work goes to the inker, who paints on black ink to bring out all the shadow and light on the page, deciding which areas will be highlighted and which will lie in shadow. Finally it goes to the colourist who brings the page to life by deciding on the tones required and painting them in.

I spent my initial years training and learning under John McCrea, a world famous comic artist who has worked on many famous titles such Batman, Spiderman, The Hulk, Star Wars and even the Simpsons.

Later I went on to work on several titles including Blood PSI, a vampire title for which I was nominated for an Eagle Award.

Currently I am working on DevaShard and I will say a bit more about how that came about in my next entry.

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Penciller for DevaShard www.fluidfriction.com


Hong Kong
June 21, 2008