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The Coming GiGs!!!

Crazimalz 將會在6月28日於觀塘的N-set有演出~ N-set是一個落成了不久的Livehouse~ 地方大, 器材新~ 大家要給個面子來看看喔~ 還有8月8日將會在Underground所舉辦的gig演出~ 一切詳細的資料會在日後的Blog裏公報~ Crazimalz will play a gig on 28th June at N-set ~ N-set is a brand new livehouse in HK~ Is a nice place to rock~ If you feel free, Plz come and have fun together~ Also, we will play a Underground gig on 8th August~ Underground is an organization in HK~ They Always organize gigs in LKF~ All details information will be up date in my Blog~ Hope to see you guys there~ 還有~ Crazimalz的兄弟團 Masquer!!!  將會在7月5日的HK live裏演出~ 大家要密切留意喔~

  終於... 可以演出了... EP... 進入最後直路... 啊!!!! 努力努力努力!!!

  Finally... Have some gigs to play... EP... Now in the final stage... ARRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!! Work Harder, Harder and Harder!!!!


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我只是一個有感覺, 有感情, 有情緒, 會嫉妒, 會生氣, 會笑, 會發瘋, 會失控的人... 就是這麼簡單... 我只是一個愛胡思亂想, 愛唱歌的人~~xDDDD (這會更簡單吧~~xDDDDD) I was the Vocalist of Survivor, Crazimals and K'

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