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Finally finished my final Project


I finished my Final Project~

Hell yeah!!!

it's a little bit board... for you~xDD

But its really a breakthrough for me~

I never wrote this style before...

It's fun for me la~

My job is Compose a song of any style for one of the following lyrics.



On the piano

By Garfield Jones

Expressions run deep,

Running from life to life;

Wanton, reckless, we reap

What we sow in spite.

Spit it without thought,

Chew it, Wreck it, Twist it, Shred it, Ruin it,

Sing it without soul;

But, my dear...

Can you play it on the piano?

We mate without love,

We love throughout our hate,

We talk of dreams,

Of some distant state;

Live it, Hold it, Console it, Regret it,

destroy and consume it;

But my love...

Can you play it on the piano?

We rejoice in grief,

Take pleasure in pain,

And curse the crooked thief,

We now mock with disdain;

Look to free it, Dream it, Conceal it, Experience and know it;

But through all that,

Will you ever know,

How to play it on the piano?

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Paradox din 81 20131002 din 116 edit
not bad. keep writing
over 14 years ago


我只是一個有感覺, 有感情, 有情緒, 會嫉妒, 會生氣, 會笑, 會發瘋, 會失控的人... 就是這麼簡單... 我只是一個愛胡思亂想, 愛唱歌的人~~xDDDD (這會更簡單吧~~xDDDDD) I was the Vocalist of Survivor, Crazimals and K'

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