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Crazimalz EP coming soon!!!

    we just finished the second round of the recording, the EP will be releasing in July~~    more official promotions are coming~  we are working hard, seriously ...Thx for everyone who support us!!! ============================================================= THX FOR D'IN told me that what I need to improve... I know... Sorry for what I've spoke to mann... I'm not that mean... Sorry=[ I will be more polite...

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我只是一個有感覺, 有感情, 有情緒, 會嫉妒, 會生氣, 會笑, 會發瘋, 會失控的人... 就是這麼簡單... 我只是一個愛胡思亂想, 愛唱歌的人~~xDDDD (這會更簡單吧~~xDDDDD) I was the Vocalist of Survivor, Crazimals and K'

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