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bad news...

 I got a bad news...  I think my PC is completely dead...  if not, soon...  so...  I need to use my mac to type all my blog...  unlucky...  I don't know how to type chinese in MAC...  totally fucked up...  hope all of you guys can understand my poor english... 

tonight...  is my girl's 18th birthday~  Happy birthday to you~  my dear~  hope you can get use to be a adult~  Grow up as fast as you can for facing this freaky crazy world~ xDD

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Your English is fine.
almost 16 years ago


我只是一個有感覺, 有感情, 有情緒, 會嫉妒, 會生氣, 會笑, 會發瘋, 會失控的人... 就是這麼簡單... 我只是一個愛胡思亂想, 愛唱歌的人~~xDDDD (這會更簡單吧~~xDDDDD) I was the Vocalist of Survivor, Crazimals and K'

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