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JuJu Chan 陳鈺芸
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好 Man!!! @antonyszeto Also loving our matching style HOVR sneakers ? 超鍾意我們同款的跑鞋,超舒服!新式HOVR技術具有良好的避震效果。… https://t.co/h67KreoJDw

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Getting into 2019. Accessorising with my look. Think I’ll keep the hair a bit longer. Loving it. What do you think?… https://t.co/VwXKmtUp1n

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Thanks, will be fun to play her ? https://t.co/XZPgf7o8lt

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2019 第一站 泰國大城! First stop in 2019 is Thailand ?? #Ayutthaya #Bangkok #Thailand https://t.co/edNuY2tsTw

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Sailor Uranus. Unfortunate planetary name aside, I could totally see myself playing her. Any other characters you t… https://t.co/RL3ilgGkxH

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RT @zacksoto: Zu's daughter Suwan, aka VIPER, (@juju_chan) has risen in prominence in Shang Chi’s absence to run the day to day operations…

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Wishing everyone a happy 2019!!!!! #happy2019 #happynewyear #lovebirds #sweetnewyear #新年快樂 https://t.co/obPCG8u5Zr

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Last magazine interview in 2018. Thanks for the fruitful and exciting 2018! 2018 最後一個訪問!謝謝大家的支持和謝謝今年所有的美好事情!… https://t.co/apNvP2XzbK

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LiveYourDream #JuJuPower https://t.co/uQUGp3dwSQ

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JuJu Chan (陳鈺芸) Actress, Action Star, Pop Singer, Author, Hong Kong Taekwondo (ITF) Representative, Signature: double nunchucks

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