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SIFF reveals official key-art|夏日國際電影節公布主題圖象

The Festival is honoured to invite Li-Chi Tak, the celebrated comic artist in Hong Kong, to design the official key-art for the 5th SIFF.  With the theme of fashion and films, Li blended the two elements to create his masterpiece he named “Shooting & Screening”. Covered by un-tailored clothes with sparkling eyes, the character is holding the bow-like film roll recording every precious moment in his life; the snake head swallows all the desires, while the sun and moon reflects his passion.

| 電影節很榮幸得到香港著名漫畫家利志達為《第五屆夏日國際電影節》設計主題圖象。利志達的設計巧妙地融合了兩個主題:時裝及電影,匠心獨運,並冠名為「Shooting & Screening」。



| 电影节很荣幸得到香港着名漫画家利志达为《第五届夏日国际电影节》设计主题图象。利志达的设计巧妙地融合了两个主题:时装及电影,匠心独运,并冠名为「Shooting & Screening」。 「身上披上还没剪裁的新鲜布料,眼前是准备就绪的闪光眼珠,手中如弓的胶卷是生命光芒的纪录,蛇舌吞吐七情六慾,日月反照回我身上的新装成形,肯定了我的热情火焰!」


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