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嗨! 叫我鋒!! Yo! Call me FUNG!!

你好,我是鋒,飛躍道的成員,因為Auido Traffic的音樂錄影帶拍攝的關係,認識了Alive not dead。我是一個Traucer(Parkour的玩者),喜歡Parkour這個運動,都很高興我們的Parkour組織能加入Alive not dead這團體!! prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /


我視Parkour為一個思想,是一個革命,它令我們的思想改進,發堀自我,  由Parkour我們可使自己更了解,改變自身。Parkour是一個freestyle的運動和思想,你可以用你個人的風格演繹出自己的Parkour,可以加入自己的原素,思想和動作,更重要的,是你會擁有自己的Parkour,因為每個人的喜好,特質都不同。

我愛Parkour和Capoeira,我是香港飛躍道協會的隊員,同時都是Capoeira Group Beribazu Hong Kong的成員,現在,我為著成為Alive not dead大家庭的一份子而高興。我喜歡音樂,電影,喜歡HIP HOP文化和Rock n’ roll,我支持本土創意工業,希望香港的本土文化,街頭運動,街頭藝術,音樂,電影等,跟alive not dead與飛躍道同時都會茁壯成長。





       HI, I am Govad, or you can call me Fung, is a member of HKPA, I meet Alive not dead by the Audio Traffic music video filming. I’m a Traucer (The Parkour player), I love Parkour this sport, I am so happy that I can join the Alive not dead.

I know Parkour from the movie, when I searching on the internet, I meet the member of HKPA, I love my team, we’re veryvalue on support of friends, when you doing Parkour, support and urge is really important, it’smake u success.

I construe Parkour is a philosophy, is arevolution, it make our thinkingimprove, to explorer oneself, discover, understand more yourself and change yourself by the Parkour.

Parkour is a freestyle sport andphilosophy, you candeduce Parkour in your own style, add your own element, your thinking and your movement, the most important things is you will have a own style Parkour, because the interest , genius, everyone isdifferent. I love Capoeira and Parkour,  I am a member of HKPA, alsoCapoeira Group  Beribazu Hong Kong, now, I’m so happy that I can join Alive not dead family! I love music, movie, I love HIP HOPculture and Rock and roll! I support the localoriginality industry, hope the local culture, street sport, street art, music, movie and so on will grow well with HKPA and Alive not dead at the same time.

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UM...I'm just doing Parkour and Capoeira~
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