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Govad's Brithday Jam


This is a fuction to celebrate Govad aka Fung's 24 years old brithday!!

This is a Parkour jam with Trickz practice event, we wlcome and Govad hope all his friends can come to join this great event!

We will gather at Oi Man Estate to have Pakour Jam at 10:00, then we will move to Heung To Middle School to have a indoor Trickz and Parkour Jam in the Gymnastics Room at 13:00. We'll welcome all the peoples who practice Parkour and Trickz come to us! This is just a Jam to have FUN and celebrate Govad's Brithday, there are no competition during the Jam, we hope all the people will have fun and enjoy during the event!!

All of Govad's freinds and fans, please RSVP asap! We would see you at the great Jam!

P.s: The Gymnastics Room will charge HKD70.00- each people.

這是一個慶祝王 浩鋒 24歲生日的活動!!

這是一個Parkour 交流 和 空翻練習 的活動, 我們歡迎和希望所有王 浩鋒的朋友都會參與這個活動!

我們會於早上10時正於愛民村集合, 進行Parkour 的交流, 之後我們會於下午1時正到達香島中學, 並於達香島中學的體操場地進行室內的Parkour 和 空翻練習。

我們歡迎所有Parkour 和 空翻的練習者加入我們! 這只是一個純粹的交流和慶祝活動, 當中完全不包含比賽成分, 我們希望每一位參加者都會享受是次的活動, 並玩得開心!!

所有 王 浩鋒 的朋友和粉絲請盡快回覆 出席活動!! 我們希望於這個有趣的活動中見到你!

註: 體操場地需每人收費70港元。

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