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Hong Kong director Pang Ho-cheung 彭浩翔,who shot the trailer of the 10th Far East Film Festival(starring Sunny Lau) was invited in Udine - for the fourth time I think - between the 19th and the 23th of April 2008 .

Pang Ho-cheungHis last feature, the omibus movie Trivial Matters 破事兒 was screened (Among the 7 short stories, 5 of them were adapted from Pang Ho-cheung's own novel), but the big surprise was the very first public and worldwide premiere of his two first shorts movies, made in the mid-80's when he was 12 years old !

Pang Ho-cheung and Peter Kam The first one, The Robbery,is a 5-minute "homemade" short starring Pang Ho-cheung himself and his brother as the (masked) robbers, Pang Ho-cheung's mother as the bank employee, and Pang Ho-cheung's brothers (again) as the cop.

The second one, The First Adventures of the Gangsta Bears(20 minutes) ,his a tribute to Chow Yun-fat's heroic bloodhed movies like A Better Tomorrow  英雄本色and Tragic Hero  英雄好漢, where Pang Ho-cheung used clips from - VHS of - those movies and included them in the short, in a "Sweded" way (If you saw Michel Gondry's Be Kind Rewind,you know exactly what I'm talking about).

The First Adventures of the Gangsta Bears

(Pang Ho-cheung, at the right) The most memorable parts of this movie were probably when the charaters are moving slowly during an action scene to simulate a slow motion effect or singing the soundtrack during a chase scene because they don't have the budget to make one.

Pang Ho-cheung was in Udine with Sunny Lau, but also Subi Liang 梁啟緣(producer of Trivial Mattersand several other Pang Ho-cheung movies since  Beyond Our Ken  公主復仇記) and Peter Kam 金培達(music composer of several Pang Ho-cheung movies since You Shoot, I Shoot 買兇拍人, including the award-winning Isabella 伊莎貝拉  + music supervisor of Trivial Matters, and music composer of The Warlords  投名狀and the next Derek Yee 爾冬陞 movie, Shinjuku Incident 新宿事件). Enjoy the pictures (videos will come soon).

Subi Liang

Peter KamSubi Liang + Peter Kam Pang Ho-cheung + Peter Kam

Frédéric (April 30th, 2008)

PS : Check out the trailer Far East trailer here...

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Oh that looks quite humorous. Thanks for sharing.
about 11 years ago
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You are a good guy always promote other artists and no rivalry. I admired that.
about 11 years ago
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Pang Ho-cheung!!I like his works and personality. thanks for his info. Although he came to film fest. in tokyo every year, I'm sorry that his films has not be screened in public theaters.too radical for japanese? promote him with you.well what's coming next?
about 11 years ago
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Haha, Stephen Chow also did the fake-slow-motion tribute to Chow Yun Fat-- first in his TVB series, The Justice of Life, and then again in the film All For the Winner. That's cool that Pang showed work from so long ago, and it reminds me I still need to see Trivial Matters! That trailer is pretty risqué, but quite hilarious!
about 11 years ago
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i have checked festival site and noticed that "神探" was awarded , " Zettai Daijobu"from japan took second place. i wonder why such story of rutine daily life accepted to Eurpian. haha
about 11 years ago


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