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Heart Sharing from Sammi Cheng

  I know is funny to post other artist's news. But i find what Sammi's sharing had really touch my heart. I think what she had said is very interesting and Meaning-full. That is why i want to share with All Friends in AnD. Maybe some of you are not a Christian but this is a  heart to heart conversations from Sammi Cheng. Hope you will like it!







 *兩小時在教會過就好長,Read more

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“ 2 8 8 2 ”

What association would you have with this set of numbers?



Last year, independent director Patty Keung (AnD member) called me and told me that she’s unexpectedly got an HD Panasonic Varicam for one day and asked me if I would work for her for the trailer of her story “ prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /2882”. 

去年,獨立導演柏姜Patty Keung (AnD成員)致電給我說她意外地可擁有一部Panasonic Varicam專業高清攝影機一天,問我可不可以主演她的《2882》預告片。


I happened to be available on those co...Read more

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My First New Year's gife from Heaven

Because of my cousin came back from States with his girl friend for the Chinese New Year, we go out for drinks and restaurants a lot lately. Last night, we went to TST for drinks again. when i walked by some outdoor place, i saw there is a lady i recognize... you know what .. is my Modelling Teacher-- Grace Yu Gorton! Grace is more than Professional to me! (I have lost her contact and i can't believe i just bump in to her like that!) 

She still looks so STUNNING and without make-up on!!   Of course i we...Read more

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Heavy Heart

Is a shame for those news about entertainers recently. I am not judging any show biz's people's life style or behaviour( for i have no right to do that ), I am talking about those people who dare to do things for them-selves just to get their own satisfaction and not care about other people's life and dignity.  My heart was hurt and torn apart when i heard anyone else make jokes of these news and victims(artists). Some people said: they are be responsible for what they have done exspeacially when you are a celebrity.....BalaBalaBala.....Read more

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Today my workout training is really really hard, almost kill me right the way. After 3 hours intensive work-out and i step on my personal scale... Wow, i lost 3 pounds and 2.5% baby fat! Yes, i must keeping myself in a high energy level for my work. Because acting does take out lots of energy, specially the mind. Sometimes, i kind of like to play in an action movie because make me feel relax in a way( exercise and have fun in the same time) . Guns? Not really popular in HK. I went to a gun club once, is interesting but i am not sure about it. 

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New Year, New Start

These few days is really busy and i still get lots to do. After the speech that the pastor said in the New Year's party, its really stir-up my heart and the inner self to achieve goals with an order and discipline. Discipline, i Love and Hate it. But at least i can do what i love to do.

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New Plan For 2008

How do spend the last day of 2007?For me, I went to a party/celebration for count down last night . Those celebrities,artists in the party Some are working with the tv station in town, some works in film/movies. Some are song writers,some singers...And most of us are Christian. CHRISTIAN??!!! Christian + PARTY = BORING??!!   Well, Not ture la.The party turns out is extremely crazy and touching. Imagine, artist+singer+song writer+ME...Hahahaha..Halleluiah looh!! Read more

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Life is full of stories, colors, music and movies.


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December 15, 2007