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To take a munch of the Apple.

Hello one and all!

A brand new year (well 2 weeks in to the new year) and I'd like to say it's been nothing short of an adrenalin, extremely intense, nerve-wrecking and exciting.

So I made the decision that has always been on my to-do list at some point in my life. To go to New York City to train in an acting school. Working on many projects in Singapore has taught me skills I can only be thankful for, and now I want to see what a new city can give me back. After much research, and auditioning with some schools, I finally chose one that is in the technique I'm looking for and so no time to waste, have moved here to the Big Apple!

The only way you know if something works, is to find out what doesn't, and so moving here is just another step closer to doing what I love. Seeing how being in a new city can push my threshold, whilst learning how to be a better person, a better actor. If you have any advice/tips AnD-ins, please drop a line! Might stay here for just a few months, or a few years, either way, it's gonna be an interesting ride. Roller-coaster one that is.


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Chungtsang 5b chungtsang
You should check out AAfilmlab, which and'er Derek Ting started. Tons of other NY connections out there, let me know of anything specific.
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Thanks for the link Did take a look, interesting stuff there. Do you still come back to NY often? Was reading the stuff you did in nyc, sounds great.
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Chungtsang 5b chungtsang
NY was a great place for me to get involve and learn about Indy movie biz. I only go back to NY twice a year, but miss it a lot. Get the most out of that city while you're there. The city has so much to offer. Besides aafilmlab, there are a few asian theatre groups: Pan Asian Repetory NAATCO 2nd generation All good groups and I know some ppl affiliated with them.
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