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About Syed "Don M " Muhammad

Welcome to the Official Don M Artiste Page!! The tales and humors of Don M..... It just get's better....

Enjoy! Peace and Love!

About Composer , Producer , SongWriter , Arranger, Score, Jingle , Industry Artiste Biography

Don M has been indulged and is recognized as one of the most sought out Producers attaining countless recognitions and awards thru his music compositions, producing, arranging, songwriting, from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, USA, Argentina ,Dubai, India, Saudi Arabia through his countless contributions towards the growth of Music and the Arts . Don M is also known for his managing strategy and scouting talents for collaborations throughout the world thus creating a platform for upcoming artiste and consulting via his “Vision”

One of the Founding Members of Revolute Nation, A Hip-Hop consortium formed back in the middle of 2003 which became one of Singapore’s most renowned Groups / movements ever formed. Syed “ Don M “ Muhammad is also the Founder of The Foundation ( Found A Talent In Our Nerves ), Don M portrays his life through his music thus creating his own signature sound and originality thus being amongst the most respected and sought out Producer /Composer while maintaining a “low down to earth” profile / status .

Notable Credentials:

• Kool G Rap (USA) • Masia One (Canada) • Jin the Emcee (USA, Hong Kong) • Vanness Wu (Taiwan) • Dai Ai Ling (Taiwan) • Joe Flizzow (Malaysia / Too Phat) • Hady Mirza (Singapore / Asian Idol) • Sheikh Haikel (Singapore) • Terry Tye Lee (Singapore/ Taiwan) • Sheisty (USA) • Mista Caine (USA) • Nesra (USA) • Galaxy (Hong Kong) • Delite View (Singapore) • Yamani (Singapore) • Defianto (Singapore) • Triple Noize (Singapore) • Lady E (Singapore) • J Flow (Indonesia) • SweetWrappers (Singapore) • Colabr8 (Malaysia) • Ariz (Malaysia) • PRE (Germany) • Disney (South East Asia) • Group 1 (Argentina) • 36 two6 (Mexico) • Amra Maideen (Yemen / Dubai) • Mus Hamas (Jeddah/ Saudi Arabia) • Selena Andria (Spain)

Syed “ Don M ” Muhammad has been producing, composing, performing songs for countless regional artistes in South East Asia as well as many parts of the world. Don M has spread his music creativeness and network not only as a hip-hop Artiste, but as a versatile music producer engaging with many Indie Artistes as well while the list goes on.

Don M‘s Music Discography:

As of July 20 2014;

Composition Song Archive: 631 Don M Singles: 14 Don M Albums: 5 Album Collaborations: 11

Currently being managed by The Sal Joffri Admin, The Foundation (Found A Talent In Our Nerves) and For Singapore in Singapura.

Don M Still pursues Music and in the never ending scale of the current music trends as well as an appreciator of the Arts and Nature as well. To Don M, “Knowledge is a never ending journey “and participates in competitions, seminars, courses, judges, participating in forums and discussions as well.

Don M also participates in the filming industry climbing the ladders which he doesn’t apply both together or rather make them a conflict to his interest. Don M is a also a Talent, Model, Actor on a free lance account.

“Having worked with such a gifted, talented musician is really a one of a kind experience. M’s presence in overseeing the projects and music arrangements somehow made us felt welcome and the way he toiled with the music was unique ” Desmond Lee – Senior Engineer, Forward Dash. “Having met Don M for the first time, we were really skeptical on whether he could actually execute the job that was given to him. Not only did we judge him wrong, but this young chap had our eyebrows on top of our foreheads but made us change our mindsets. Never judge a book by its cover. A humble down to earth chap with a ear and heart full of passion and perfection” Arfan Ranjit Singh – Development Branch Head, Upword Music

"Always be positive and patient! I swear the reward is unbearable. And Everyone Deserves A Chance. Chasing your dream is harder than chasing paper, so believe in yourself and never look back. “Don M Description















Consultant At The Foundation Singapore ( Found A Talent In Our Nerves ) VC of The World Music Alliance 4th Term

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Welcome to the Official Don M Artiste Page!! The tales and humors of Don M..... It just get's better.... Enjoy! Peace and Love!

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