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About Celestial 天上

Celestial 天上: Purveyors of the finest Asian Dub since 1992.

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“Celestial 天上” are a Hong Kong based collective who have produced a series of four albums:

“Spirit House”, released 1996, “Happy Valley 快活谷”, 2001, “Hong Kong Dub Station 香港 空轉”, 2004, and “Electric Road 電器道” just released in 2007. Celestial was conceived by Peter Millward, a partner in Drum Music, where the last three Celestial albums have also been recorded. The first Celestial tracks were released in '92, and although they pre- dated the concept of “chill-out” or “down- tempo” music by several years, the idea for “Celestial” was born: a laid-back mix of Asian sounds over an empyreal electronic dubscape. Pete, who produces, arranges, mixes, plays guitar, bass, melodica, and keyboards, plus programming and various other bits of audio manipulation, is a long time Hong Kong resident, with his musical roots in the Punk and Dub Reggae of the ”70s. Indeed the term “dub” as referred to here, has more in common with masters such as Dennis Bovell (Blackbeard), Lee “Scratch” Perry and Scientist, than with modern Electronica.

Musicians who have been involved in Celestial over the years include; Sunny Yeung - shakuhachi master, Eugene Pao - Asia's top jazz guitarist, Hsin Hsiao Hung - Hong Kong's #1 erhu player, Sur Sudha - the musical ambassadors of Nepal, Eddie Chung - also a partner with Pete @ Drum Music and now producer and deejay with Hong Kong‘s hottest rap group 24 Herberts, plus vocalists Angelita Li, May Chan, Mariella Gonzalez, Adrian Da Silva, Rita Tsang, LiYa, Elaine Liu and many more. Occasional visitors to the Celestial Studio (Hong Kong’s #1 music production house: Drum Music) have included Welsh rapper John Griffiths (of Llwybr Llaethog), Mandarin rapper Antonius Chen, deckmeister DJ Bodhi, percussionist (and Drum's architect) Johnny Kember and Zheng virtuoso Choy Kit Yee. More info and images available here>.

The Celestial sound can also be heard in the production Pete has recently done on the debut album from reclusive London-based songster Shamus Dark, and live dub band The Bass Cadets. Pete spends his days writing music for TV commercials (and anything else) at the company he set up with Eddie Chung (Producer of 24 Herbs), Drum Music Limited. Well it beats working for a living.

"天上"是一個在香港的團隊,他們已經出品了4張專輯組成一系列:1996年的"Spirit House"、2001年"Happy Valley 快活谷"、2004年"Hong Kong Dub Station 香港空轉"以及07年剛發布的"Electric Road 電器道"。"天上"由Peter Millward發起,他也是Drum Music的合夥人,"天上"的後三張專輯都在那裏錄制。第一首"天上"的歌曲在92年發行,多年前他們就開始了"chill-out"和"down- tempo"音樂的探索,"天上"音樂也由此產生:是一種混合了亞洲慵懶曲調,超越九重天的電子音樂。Pete負責導演、組織、混音、吉他、貝司、口風琴和鍵盤,還編曲及處理其他各種音頻。他在香港住了很久,深受70年代朋克和Dub Reggae的熏陶。實際上這裏所指的"dub",比起現代Electronica,其實更接近許多大師的音樂,比如Dennis Bovell (Blackbeard)、Lee "Scratch" Perry和Scientist。

近些年參與"天上"的音樂家有:Sunny Yeung-尺八大師、包以正-亞洲首席爵士吉他演奏家、辛小紅-香港首席二胡演奏家、Sur Sudha-尼泊爾音樂大使、Eddie Chung-是Pete在Drum Music的合夥人,也是香港最紅rap團體24 Herbs的制作人和DJ。還有歌唱家李安琪、May Chan、Mariella Gonzalez、Adrian Da Silva、Rita Tsang、LiYa、Elaine Liu等許多人士。經常造訪”天上”錄音棚(香港最好的錄音室:Drum Music)的有威爾士rapper John Griffiths(Llwybr Llaethog)、國語rapper Antonius Chen、deckmeister DJ Bodhi、打擊樂手(大師級鼓手)Johnny Kember以及Zheng virtuoso Choy Kit Yee。到這裏看更多資訊及圖片。

"天上"的音樂也能在Pete最近為隱居倫敦的歌手Shamus Dark制作的首張專輯裏聽到,還有現場dub樂隊The Bass Cadets。Pete平時在跟Eddie Chung (24 Herbs制作人)合開的公司Drum Music Limited寫電視商業廣告(或其他)音樂,他以此維生。

近些年参与"天上"的音乐家有:Sunny Yeung-尺八大师、包以正-亚洲首席爵士吉他演奏家、辛小红-香港首席二胡演奏家、Sur Sudha-尼泊尔音乐大使、Eddie Chung-是Pete在Drum Music的合伙人,也是香港最红rap团体24 Herbs的制作人和DJ。还有歌唱家李安琪、May Chan、Mariella Gonzalez、Adrian Da Silva、Rita Tsang、LiYa、Elaine Liu等许多人士。经常造访”天上”录音棚(香港最好的录音室:Drum Music)的有威尔士rapper John Griffiths(Llwybr Llaethog)、国语rapper Antonius Chen、deckmeister DJ Bodhi、打击乐手(大师级鼓手)Johnny Kember以及Zheng virtuoso Choy Kit Yee。到这里看更多资讯及图片。

"天上"的音乐也能在Pete最近为隐居伦敦的歌手Shamus Dark制作的首张专辑里听到,还有现场dub乐队The Bass Cadets。Pete平时在跟Eddie Chung (24 Herbs制作人)合开的公司Drum Music Limited写电视商业广告(或其他)音乐,他以此维生。

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Celestial 天上: Purveyors of the finest Asian Dub since 1992. Listen to (and purchase) all five albums here: www.hongkongdubstation.com Wanna be friends?

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