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RT @GreenLatinos: 92% of Latinx voters agree they have a moral responsibility to “God’s creations on this earth… forests, the oceans, lakes…

RT @EricHolder: This is patriotic, not partisan. If the opposition party refuses to protect our democracy, Democrats must. https://t.co/f…

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RT @kylegriffin1: Schiff: “The Comey memos... demonstrate that the former FBI Director’s testimony to Congress and recent public statements…

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RT @davidhogg111: I don’t know about you but a government that doesn’t listen to it’s children and puts the profits of special interests ov…

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RT @Kasparov63: Mitch McConnell says no law needed to protect Mueller because Trump will never fire him. Will he promise to resign as Major…

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RT @joncoopertweets: 🔥🔥🔥Capitol Hill source: @VP Mike Pence is positioning himself for potential 2020 run for president under either of 2 s…

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RT @NatashaBertrand: Very interesting development: Cohen has dropped the libel lawsuits he filed against BuzzFeed & Fusion GPS over the dos…

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RT @LibyaLiberty: "Three right-wing militiamen from rural Kansas were found guilty on Wednesday in a 2016 plot to slaughter Muslim refugees…

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RT @MigrantVoiceUK: “This is racism. He was the victim of their policies, and it is a tragedy. I’m hoping no one will go through what I’m g…

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RT @ameliagentleman: This is the saddest #Windrush story Dexter Bristol lived in UK for almost half a century Sacked from his job, because…

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I make films, music and art. http://andresuseche.blogspot.com/ http://www.facebook.com/andres1


Los Angeles, United States
September 16, 2008

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