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Tactics of The Cochins

Tal vez crecer como hijo único tuvo algo que ver

con el desarrollo de mi imaginación. La compañía

de libros y música nunca me dejo sentir

incompleto por no tener hermanitos. Mis primos

por parte de madre tenían lo que ahora me doy

cuenta era una situación envidiable. Cada uno

siempre tenía tres otros chicos con quien jugar.

Pero cuando yo los visitaba o ellos a mi, eso

nunca se ma pasaba por la mente. Estaba

demasiado ocupado gozando con ellos de algunos

de...Read more

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Birthday Thanks

Gracias por los emails y felicitaciones. Y de antemano perdon por mi memoria.

Jamas puedo recordar cumpleanios. Aparte del de mi mama solo recuerdo el de Alex y no es dificil, ella tambien cumple el 7 de Noviembre.

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On Dreams

I'd like to think works of art are dreams we can share. They are dreams which are explicit as well as implicit and therefore may also require analytical and conscious thinking in their conception, but that in the end are most powerful when they also recreate in the audience an unconscious and primal raction. I believe this is Jung's take on it too: The collective unconscious being formed by myths and artistic representations. This was very influential on Joseph Campbell as well. Their work is amazing. I don't agree with Freud's over...Read more

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Just uploaded a bunch of Vana Espuma Photos and more to


personal pics are at

http://www.flickr.com/photos/andres_useche/Read more

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Mind buffer, life cache

Most short-term memories fade as soon as they are used. It's through repetition, by implication, by conscious re-processing, or by its connection with an shocking event or meaningful interaction that this structure of synaptic explosions graduates to long-term memory status.

If this buffer of temporarily stored information wasn't emptied it would overflow, crowding perception. (Remember "Funes the Memorious" by Borges?) This information, readily available for immediate use, is only rarely encoded with a pri...Read more

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The Ghosts in the Benches / Public Therapy

Most of them had, and have lost. Most don't exactly choose to spend the gold nights sleeping on hard iron benches. These are usually very troubled people, product of an environment, an economy, a society. Guilty perhaps of weaknesses and terrible decisions, just like the rest of us.

Can you imagine not having an anchor or a place to rest your head? On the cold mornings some of the homeless in Santa Monica hide behind sheets that cover them from head to toe, faceless ghosts emerging from this bright urban...Read more

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Pajama Geeks

One rainy night before I was born, my dad came home early. Before my mom arrived he found a good place to hide. She came in totally oblivious to his presence. She dropped her bags and headed for the kitchen where she fixed herself some tea. My dad emerged out of his hideout and moved quietly into the kitchen. My mom t...Read more

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Why blog? A personal history

I didn't watch much TV when I was twelve but there was a show about a kid doctor that made an impression on me. I didn't want to be a doctor, and I don't remember if the show was any good at all, what I liked was that at the end of each show the main character would sit down at his computer, (running the then impressive DOS) and attempt to make sense of what he experienced by writing about it. He's onto something, I thought.

I was seven years old when my dad typed my first stab at fiction, a marooned pirat...Read more

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I make films, music and art. http://andresuseche.blogspot.com/ http://www.facebook.com/andres1

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