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About to guest perform for this magnificent singer. Guess who is she?

New shizzzle coming soon !!

想知道我點解啤得 @yuyanpeng 咁狠就要入塲支持 #黃飛鴻之英雄有夢. 啦!就快上喇喂!彭于晏呀喂!仲有大哥大洪金寶,Angelababy,王祖藍,仲有我個好兄弟 @jbs8five2 同好多好好嘅演員,明星㗎喂! 仲要係暗黑暴力美學大導 @chowhinyeung 同美女金像編劇 @tochilong 嘅作品嚟㗎!我自己都好期待呀! Yeah!!! #phatchan #24herbs #lmf

早前受HKonlineTV邀請為佢主持咗一集烹飪節目教大家煮—燒肉!嗱!唔準笑咁大聲㗎。 link在這: Watch "無啦啦有班人煮飯仔 - 阿肥 Phat @ LMF / 廿四味 { 燒肉 } OpenRice x…" on YouTube - 無啦啦有班人煮飯仔 - 阿肥 Phat @ LMF / 廿四味 { 燒肉 } OpenRice x…: http://youtu.be/AN5cED8vqyk

24Herbs JBS MCing for ESN yesterday.

Tonight @ House Of Vans. See you there !!

thanks小儀 for bringing us to this hotdog joint, check it out at CR 903 咪芝蓮 MR CHEF this Saturday 1pm!!

24Mei flavor ?! Thanks Coke !! #cocacolahk #shareacokehk

rockin' the OG 24Herbs Logo tee…add me on WEAR…bless


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