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Check out JBS and Phat in this... Music by Eddie. http://youtu.be/Wn_o5mQyIM0

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We showing some support for good hip hop. Check out the show on April 18th Hiddenagenda Cheers!


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24Herbs shot by the awesome Xyza Cruz Bacani

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Wishing you a Fun & Exciting weekend like us!!!

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We are 24herbs

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Our gig in April! Find out more from FB event page for details

We are on the 1st night!!!

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josieandtheuniboys #joiseho #photo by @swkit #搖滾妹子

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Congrats to Josie for a successful show!!! We got almost everything except canto pop last night!!! Keep it real Josie and the supporting guests!!!

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See y'all folks at MusicZone tonight!!!

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