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postcard from the studio, day 15

No, I can count; yes, it has been over a month since we started. It’s a fits-and-starts recording process. Lots of location scouting, practicing, phone calls and emails in between. Not to mention trips to the bank and crossing fingers that my deposits clear in time.It’s been a fantastic week: keyboards and one glorious day with a chamber string orchestra, which was preceded by several all-nighters of composing (Alex) and transcribing/editing (me). More thoughts on this whole delirious process when I’m not falling asleep in middle-airplane-seat position.Here’s lyrics for an album song not yet played live. Haven’t figured out how to make a performance capture the sense of scale required.>Watershedwhile you were building your empires

I was still sleeping

I was still sleeping

while you were setting your woods afire

I was still dreaming

I was still dreamingnow I will unsettle the ground beneath you

send my waters ashore

creep into your bed

find you in every cornerwhile you argue it over

I am not waiting

I am not waiting

while you retreat to your comforts

I am not fading

I am not fadingI’ve done this many times before you

old Shanghai

New Orleans

Amsterdam and Mumbai

strange new creatures

to scavenge your pores

oh I’ve done this many times before you

ashen sky

lightning storms

deltas to desert plains

wartime on every borderI’ve done this many times before you

watched the pattern take form

children your time is done

if you say it’s done together

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