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Usher’s custom Swarovski Android Homme’s

These are a pair of Custom made Swarovski crystalAndroid Homme’s.Usher’s fashion crew made these specially for him on his last tourand he refrained from letting anyone know how much they cost. We’re guessing it would cost around £4,000 to get something like these made. txt via http://crystale.co.uk/ushers-custom-swarovski-android-hommes/521 [![](/attachments/2011/04/09/14/516569_201104091422531.thumb.jpg)](/batch.download.php?aid=8903435)[![](/attachments/2011/04/09/14/516569_201104091422532.thumb.jpg)](/batch.download.php?aid=8903436)

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i would be afraid to take a step in those! you might leave crystals sprinkled in your wake...
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My Name is "Sneaker" Steve Patino from NYC. 我叫史蒂夫從紐約市。我工作了20年的時尚。 President / Creative Executive Partner at Android Homme / Evident Future / Dumb Exp

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