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So this graduate student working on a thesis about ethnic pageants contacted me about the film.   She watched it this is her response:

Hello Ms. Shapiro--

I have finally had a chance to watch your video and it is fantastic!

I appreciated the different (and competing) narratives. Thank you so

much for sending it to me. I will definitely be citing it in my

dissertation (I just don't know how just yet). I found the focus on

race particularly interesting. Was that really obvious when you were ...Read more

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Girl! (High Five Slap)

That's what Ale...Read more

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San Diego Asian Film Fest Oct. 12th

Very excited about the film screening at the San Diego Asian Film Festival on Sunday October 12th 3:30p! http://sdaff.bside.com/2008/films/yourstrulymisschinatown_sdaff2008

  I have always heard it's a fun festival and so Alex Tieu (Associate Producer) and I are going to road trip it down for the weekend! She missed the sold out screening in LA so this will be her first time seeing it. The response after the LA sh...Read more

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New Film

Hello everyone, heretofore is my first blog entry AnD. 

Just wanted to thank Patrick Lee and Terence Yin for coming to the June 3rd Los Angeles premiere of a feature film documentary I produced entitled YOURS TRULY, MISS CHINATOWN.  I been associated with Patrick Lee and Stephen Wang for quite a number of years when I was an strategic advisor to w...Read more

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Opening Blog



World Premiere of " Yours Truly, Miss Chinatown" at the Los Angeles Asian American Film Festival on May 3rd

Feature documentary paints intimate portraits of the women behind the icon on the fiftieth anniversary of the Miss Chinatown pageant.

(Hollywood) –  " Yours Truly, Miss Chinatown," a feature documentary five years in the making, will debut at the Los Angeles Asian American Film Festival, the most prestigious festival of its kind in Southern California,...Read more

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Blank Subject

I would listen to a milion songs for you,but not one had an ending.I thought about love...It tortures us.. we hurt ourselves for love.Without love, life would pass with so little pain.There is a hole in my hand,where anothers belonged.And it's cold, as I am,and alone.The bitter ice eats at me,accuses me of murder.Seeking revenge it plagues my sleep.Where I cannot close the window,and the snow

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Blank Subject

Your voice, your laugh...How can I believe I never heard it before...The sound of your breath...Seduces me like the scent of baked apples...These memories, 1000 years on, tell me you were here 1000 times before.A footprint in stone, you carve my very existance.Your master, your slave, your heaven.Wear my clothes to bed,Fill my space forever.

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Blank Subject

I want to see the sky,I want to scream your name,My blood runs through me black as rain.These forgiven nights, they draw me,long me.Flickers of snow kissing the wind, slapping my cheeksAnd the night is all I can hold.These arms empty haven't held much in their days,my hands are getting old.So... find my sky... and fill it with ice...So you can feel...my bodies...warmth.

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Blank Subject

Where though the sunshine lay my heart,It is never alone,never in darkness,always in need......Of yours

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Blank Subject

Such is the thorn in your immaculate gazeThat brings me to your knees.Lying in bed, Hearing your tears, My hand seeks yours.Only by morning, all is bloom with frost.My jealous mind keeps me caged,Thoughts of he,Mindful of she,Thoughts of the irrepresable.Mindful of all I long for.The heavy darkness commits you to my eyes,What is forbidden in daylight hides in this blackness.Yet with each caress I

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