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用新方式对待自己 造就放松的自我

  What does it mean to relax? Despite hearing this term thousands of times during the course of our lives, very few people have deeply considered what it's really about.

  When you ask people (which I have done many times) what it means to relax, most will answer in a way that suggests that relaxing is something you plan to do later you do it on vacation, in a hammock1, when you retire, or when you get everything done. This implies, of course, that most other times (the other 95 percent of your life) should be spent nervous, agitated2, rushed, and frenzied3. Very few actually come out and say no, but this is the obvious implication. Could this explain why so many of us operate as if life were one great big emergency? Most of us postpone relaxation until our “inbasket4” is empty. Of course it never is.

  It is useful to think of relaxation as a quality of heart that you can access on a regular basis rather than something reserved for some later time. You can relax now. It's helpful to remember that relaxed people can still be superachievers and, in fact, that relaxation and creativity go hand in hand5. When I'm feeling upright, for example, I don't even try to write. But when I feel relaxed, my writing flows quickly and easily.

  Being more relaxed involves training yourself to respond differently to the dramas of life turning your melodrama6 into a mellowdrama7. It comes, in part, from reminding yourself over and over again (with loving kindness and patience) that you have a choice in how you respond to life. You can learn to relate to8 your thinking as well as your circumstances in new ways. With practice, making these choices will translate into a more relaxed self.

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mmmm, very good! i like your blog!! by the way, you are so tender for say good bye, you know it?hehehe im joke, i know you miss me day by day, hehe, ok better i shut up myself, dont be mad with me, ......just relaxxxxxx ;)
about 12 years ago
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I'm glad you visited my profile so that I could return the visit! Your blog is very thoughtful. I myself like to relax by just sitting outside in the sun and listening to nature all around me. It's cheap and affordable...it also does my mind and soul good! I also like to do Taiji. You hit the nail on the head by realizing that we have a choice as to how we're going to approach life, in general. If we choose to be stressed out lunatics, then so be it. But, we do have a choice to not be that way, too. It's wonderful, eh?
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is it possible to be too relaxed, wait dont answer that. Although i wouldlike to learn how to write and speak like you do i mean calligraphy and chinese
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It depends on how you see it. My way to relax is to let go something completely and do things that I wanna do. However sometimes things just dont work out to be how we want it to be. Sighzzzz!
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