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I am ALIVE not dead


Hello everyone. I have not blogged since I was on maternity leave and my life has totally changed since then. My son, Clifford Bunden was born on FEB 15,2009...after a 24 hour labor...(Yes, everyone go call and hug your mama now! Childbirth is painful~)

Cliff is a joy. We have been so tired the last 7 months but it is all ...Read more

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Happy New Year~

Hello All~

Long time no blog again. I am finally on my maternity leave now.  Things have been really hectic, getting the nursery ready for the baby and reading & taking classes on anything BABY!  The hubby and I are finally ready now with less than a month away to our due date.  Baby is doing well, very active and I am now a lot bigger. See photo!

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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from the US.

Can't believe it has been already one year since I spent Thanksgiving with the crew of "FOG" in Hong Kong.  I still remember the lovely hot pot dinner with a "side" of turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and pie that night!  It sure made us visitors from the US feel like we were at home.

This year will be the first year I am spending the holidays at home and not out of the country on a film set.  (Well, I won't want to be away on a job now that I am getting bigger b...Read more

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Go Bears!

"We're gonna sca&^ you STANFURD, We're gonna sca*& you BLUEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!"

Big Game tomorrow.

Go Bears! Beat the Cardinal!

As painful as it is to be a CAL fan...no Rose Bowl in sight again this year...there is always Big Game =)


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Super tired right now...working two jobs at the same time isn't easy.

The model for VH1 is almost done. It is a simple set, but lots of moving parts so I had to ask the hubby to help me with the engineering.  MAX the cat has become curious and destructive, chewing on my stadium and little custom made parts. 

Well, back to work and hope all of you are well...so tired...but soon I will be done with the projects.

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So  William Baldé's "Un rayon de Soleil" just got posted on you tube. It is the MV I did early last month which I posted the process on . I hope you enjoy it!  Kit, you can probably really enjoy it since you'll know what he is singing about. It is one of the few MVs on which I finished the job and still love the song. I did not get sick of hearing it all day on the shoot!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNrU05tIS_g

On the other hand, I am...Read more

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Dancing on the Job

I have actually just finished designing another commercial shoot for an online gaming company...Aeria Games...I felt like it was a way to teach me to understand and appreciate  my husband' s love and addition with WOW a little more. 

However, it has been a while since i blogged.  Here are the photos from the MV from last month. French artist William Baldé, such a talented musician and fun...Read more

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A Day at the Prophouses

I am currently working on a small Music Video and had to look for some props yesterday.

In order to have a successful prop haunting day I needed:

  1. A car.

  2. Research photos of props my director and singer wanted. 

  3. A GPS (Global Positioning System).

  4. Good music in the car.

  5. Sunglasses.

  6. A beverage for the long day.

  7. Digital camera or phone to send the photos.

  8. A checklist of the props.

  9. Address...Read more

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Designing for Film

So, a while back Peachy asked me what an Art Director does.  There are many kinds of art directors, in print, marketing, and the entertainment business.  I am one who art directs film mainly and the occasional commercial and music video.

I collaborate with the entire film crew in creating the environment or scenery for the film.  The “look” of the film is generated through discussions and design meetings with the director, cinematographer, and costume designer.  Some production designers or art directors with bigger egos love to s...Read more

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MTR Song

My friend Alice from Hong Kong just sent me this on Facebook...

This might be old news but brings back great memories of the 2 months I spent in Hong Kong and Kowloon!!!

We used the Sham Shui Po and Prince Edward stops. Gotta Love the MTR.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OdjLg2Bh4FE&feature=related

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www.artbychao.com has relaunched and I am again working as a freelance designer for film and television in Los Angeles.

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