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International Year of the Reef August Update

  By U.S. NGO Facilitator for IYOR 2008 Mary Luna

The International Year of the Reef 2008is uniting efforts from around the world to protect and rehabilitate reefs—become part of the celebration! Listed below are some upcoming events:

Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI): On October 10 th from 6am-6pm, CNMI’s Organization for Conservation Outreach (COCO) invites Saipan residents to Take the Right Routeand reduce carbon emissions, thus helping fight global warming and ocean acidification—issues affecting reefs worldwide. By walking, running, biking, carpooling, or taking public transport to work or school, participants can benefit reefs, save money, and possibly improve their physical condition! Then, on October 25 th from 9am-4pm, COCO will be holding the Reef 2 Ridge Scavenger Hunt at the Tapotchao watershed where participants will learn about nonpoint source pollution and water quality. Contact Reina Camacho at reinacamacho@deq.gov.mp or at (670) 664-8522 for more details.


Egypt: The Marine Biology College of Egypt will hold a Reef Check monitoring session from September 6- 21, 2008 at Tondoba Bay in Marsa Alam as part of their contribution to IYOR. To learn more, visit www.mbc-egypt.com or contact Constanze Conrad at info@mbc-egypt.com or 0020 10 1041692.


Kosrae, Micronesia: As part of Kosrae’s official annual coral monitoring program, Kosrae Village and Oceanearth are conducting a two-week monitoring session from September 27 to October 10, 2008. The event will highlight the IYOR and collect essential data on local reefs. For more information about how to get involved, contact Katrina Adams at katrina@kosraevillage.com.


United States : Coastal Cleanup Day on September 20 th is an inspiring event where people around the world gather to pick up trash and celebrate IYOR! Please note that “ Coastal” no longer means cleanups only take place in coastal areas. It includes trash and other contaminants from high up in a watershed that wash down to beaches and oceans below. Find a location near you and join this global effort. If your city, state, or country is not involved yet, be a pioneer and plan your own cleanup! The California Coastal Commission, and Heal the Bay offer ideas on how to get started, but all you really need are trash/recycling bags and a group of people ready to clean-up their neighborhood… and the world’s oceans.


United States Virgin Islands: Join the Virgin Islands Resource Conservation & Development Council at their 5th Family Movie Night and enjoy Blue Planet’s “ The Deep” and free popcorn! The event will take place at the UVI St. Croix Theater on September 12th from 7:00-8:30 pm. USVI’s snorkeling clinic series also continues with the next planned for September 20th from 10 am-12 pm at Dorsch Beach, Frederiksted. For more information, contact Karlyn Langjahr at 340-773-3367 ext. 22 or Emily Tyner at 340-692-4144.

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It's a good thing to know that's the reef year , with cleaning the beachs. I know that in my country the seas are dirty by the same problems in your country and some people who lives near the beaches are cleaning some days .And all the years there are few protected areas. I hope that more and more countries will do the same .
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support reef check!
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support !
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happy Brithday.
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