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fewer fish in caribbean reefs

FEWER FISH IN CARIBBEAN REEFS Populations of both large and small fish have been declining sharply across the Caribbean in the past 10 years, say researchers, who combined data from 48 studies of 318 coral reefs conducted over more than 50 years.

The data show that fish "densities" that had held steady for decades began to drop significantly around 1995, a trend not reported previously. Although overfishing has long taken a toll on larger species, the drop in smaller species that are not fishe...Read more

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Join Us on Our Expedition to Isla Natividad!!

Reef Check Baja Update: Join Us on Our Expedition to Isla Natividad! Once in Baja, and traveling with an open heart and mind, it is not difficult to imagine why tales of the colonization describe the natives as the “happiest people on earth.” Historically, Baja has enjoyed a low population and development rate due in part to the dry landscape and limited supply of fresh water. It is this relatively unspoiled beauty, the desert meeting the sea, the starry sky unclouded by blinding city lights, the mile after mile ...Read more

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RCCA Feb Update

Reef Check California February Update Reef Check California held its second annual Staff/Instructor Retreat at Catalina Island this month. We were graciously hosted by our partner Guided Discoveries at their Catalina Island Marine Institute, located a couple miles west of Avalon. We had 12 attendees from all over the state, with the largest contingent coming from northern California. The three-day retreat focused on calibrating all RCCA Instructors to ensure our counting techniques were in tip-top shape. As the program has continued to grow, ...Read more

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Algae in Hawaii

Invasive Algae Leads to Boom, Bust, and Maybe Boom Again “Alien algae is the worst invasive species problem we’re dealing with in the state of Hawaii,” said Tony Montgomery, and aquatic biologist for the state of Hawaii.

The problem goes back to the early 1970s, when a globe-trotting scientist from the University of Hawaii named Maxwell Doty brought back several fast-growing algae species from his travels in warm Pacific seas.

Dr. Doty was a well-regarded aquaculturalist, specializing in growing algae and ot...Read more

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Corals under threat from human activity

‘Black disease’ is killing coral reefs off Taiwan

A disease spreading quickly through coral reefs near Taiwan’s outlying islands poses a serious threat to the nation’s marine environment, experts and environmentalists said yesterday.

The International Year of the Reef last year called on people from 157 countries in the world to sign an online petition pledging to protect coral reefs. Each person who signed the petition pledged to behave in an environmentally responsible way — such as by using products ...Read more

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New EcoExpeditions Offered For 2009- Sign Up Today!

New EcoExpeditions Offered For 2009- Sign Up Today! Join one of Reef Check’s many EcoExpeditions and make your diving count! Reef Check partne...Read more

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Reef Check CA January Update!!

Reef Check California January Update

By Reef Check California Director of Science Cyndi Dawson

A new and exciting 2009 lies before Reef Check California and we are looking forward to continuing to solidify RCCA as a major force of change in marine management. Although we, like everyone, are facing new challenges due to the economic crisis, we continue to benefit from the support and dedication of our members which becomes even more critical at times like these. With a new administration comes a ...Read more

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Year in Review: Letter From the Director

Year in Review: Letter From the Director By Reef Check Executive Director Dr. Gregor Hodgson

The 2008 International Year of the Reef has been highly productive for Reef Check.  In 1997, Reef Check began as a global science project to train citizen scientists to monitor the health of the world’s reefs. It was not until 2005 that we left the university environment to become an independent non-profit.  From an organizational perspective – we are still in a start-up stage, working to build our pro...Read more

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November transect line!!!

Reef Rescue 2008 was a big success! prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /


Over 300 guests attended the Reef Rescue 2008 Gala on November 15 to raise awareness about the coral reef crisis and threats to prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /California marine life. Reef Check’s 6th annual fundraising event at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, California honored Greg MacGillivray of MacGillivray Freeman Films with the 2008 Spirit of...Read more

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Reef Rescue 2008 Auction now open!!!!!

So what are you waiting for?...Bid Now!

Get a Deal, Save a Reef ... at Reef Check's Online Auction!

The Reef Rescue 2008 online auction is now open! Get amazing bargains on vacations, jewelry, gift certificates and dive equipment! Auction ends on November 12th at 8:59PM PST.

Help raise money to support reef conservation efforts. To learn more about Reef Check's activities, visit www.ReefCheck.org


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