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Banksy in town!

I am so freaking exciting right now... exciting like a 3yrs old kid first time taste ice-cream!  My No.1 top favorite street artist Banksy will have a show at Hong Kong Art Centre! Oh My God... honestly i am pretty sure he will not show up of course even he show up you won't find out cuz he will put make up on! But i am so exciting to go to see the show! just read a paper said right now he is some kind of hottest artist in the world and peoples start invest street art more than antique! Pop art becoming very pop now! Andy Warhol rest in p...Read more

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Start all over again!

Alright, first of all thanks for every A'n'D family brothers and sisters left a comments to me about my crash hard drive blog. Thank U Thank U Thank U... I smell u LOVE!

Unfortunately even Eddie aka Dor Yuk aka head chef aka mac master can't fixed it for me! We spend over 5 hours try to save the data but still can't work out so i decided start all over again!

Which means i need to start from zero, capture all the footage again and re-cut all the episodes!

I don't know y but somehow i feel ha...Read more

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Dumb ass... ME!

I think my quit 24herbs blog was so good, fool so many peoples then u know what? Is time for me to pay back! It's truly Disaster!!!

I was editing our lifestyle program 'Taste 24' and i need a new version to present tomorrow, it goes smooth at the beginning but an hour later it CRASH! I can't open the final cut pro again! WHAT...??? So i call Eddie for help, he said don't do anything just go get a new hard drive to back up first, so i went yesterday and i got a new drive ( it was pretty cool and 1TB just for $2500...Read more

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Quit 24herbs!

It's not a easy blog for me, but i have to tell u all... I AM GONNA QUIT 24HERBS!  And 24herbs will finish! No MORE! No more album, No more plan, No more 24herbs!

It is very sad but for the pass two years... i am sick of them! They are totally ASSHOLE... no skills, Bull Shit all the time. i am sick of those shit, so i am QUIT! No More 24herbs! 24herbs suck anyway for me! i don't even like this crew since we started! Fuck 24HERBS!

The story was end! It's time to start another story! PEACE OUT!


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Taste 24'廿四品味'

1500 raining again...! Damn it! Makes me so damn lazy. I washed the cloths yesterday but i think i need to wash it again...!  Last Saturday was pretty good, filming our cooking program with Daniel (http://www.alivenotdead.com/daniel) It was his first time taste Eddie Oliver's cooking art! We were all surprised by the Chilled Crab with a vinnagrete dressing! (香料凍蟹)Unbelievable! Just no any fucking way can eat this one at someone's house not in restaurant.Me and Edd...Read more

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Kit told me something last Saturday at club Magazine, 'yo did u check our live video at youtube? 'what video?'' The CU one.'' Nope!'' You should check check''ok ok!'

Video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=aov-Xqq4Zxg&feature=related

Video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=5wYtHXsg8lc&feature=related

Video: Read more

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No country for old man VS 盧海鵬!

It's been a busy March... After  Bjoke,Josie Glam Trash live,Chinese U concert and Incubus. Finally can have time to go see this movie, No country for old men![](/attachments/2008/03/34654_200803121931411.thumb.jpg) Two words...Fucking Awesome! I've been Coen brothers 高安兄弟's die hard fan since Fargo.

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Hot Chip & Juno

Just got the Hot Chip cd couples days ago and i totally loves it! And here is the video i am digging this whole week! It was a very good video, the mv director was very clever to mix 'high low tech'. Enjoy!

Video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=AW94AEmzFhQ  

The making of: Read more

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Are U Ready?|你準備好了嗎

The busy March is coming boys & girls. After My Chemical Romance, 2 March Josie Ho will have her solo concert at StarHall(HITEC). Incubus and Maroon 5 will come to Hong Kong at March too!

I am very exciting because Hardpack& 24herbs gonna be part of her show. This is my honors can perform with Josie and her fan...Read more

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