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九把刀 giddens

Recently finished this two books, freaking awesome![](/attachments/2008/05/34654_200805211452211.thumb.jpg) I just love this dude九把刀.

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AnD show!

Thanks Raffi aka ' HamSupLO ' to film and editing this for us! Enjoy! So happy that night...Yeaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!! Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fB3TnS9nrWU

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New Kids On The Block reunion

What the hell...NKOTBreunion! I used to love their music when i was very young. ( The most reason i love them because they are good looking and their dance move. Obviously i am not a nature born rocker or hip hoper...hahahaha!) It's kinda good feel to see them back in the good sharp, but their new song...SUCK!   Read more

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Channel V AMP

What a crazy week!!! Alive not dead birthday party then club Sugar relaunching party, busy crazy drinky dramatic! 5 friends birthday party at one place... crazy enough for me! hahahahaha! Ah Wah: Happy Birthday day ( Wah was LMF lead singer ) The nice guy in the world i promise! Very good brother of us and he got marry soon... Congrats! After club Sugar last night 24herbs was going out again, but not for party. Channel V AMP was shooting a special for us so we were going out and introduce  some hot spot at Hong Kong. LKF of  course right! So we...Read more

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It's been a while, last week AnD birthday was crazy... very very good party. I play until 530 in the morning then went to Tsui Wah ate breadfast with Pat, Steven and some AnD fellers! Awesome! But i think i was too crazy drinking at that night, i lost my voice then get FLU.... damn it! Today is getting better, but just not 100% well, still running nose and cough, shit!!!

Hopefully i can finish the show smoothly tonight and drink again...hahahaha! Happy Birthday to Terence, my big brother Prodip, my sister Helen,BoBo! Gonna be awesom...Read more

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Happy Birthday AnD!

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Fucking AAAAA's...!

Why i use this subject? Am i crazy or what???? No... i telling u why. Big head john aka director  John send me a video on this subject. I have to share with u all because it is very very fucking AAAAAAAA's video! Violence, Chaos, Anger, Dirty, Crazy, Destroy,  all the good/bad elements all in this video! Remember this dude :Romain Gavras. Thanks John!Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYd7Tdefpe4

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I don't want to go home!

Just back in town last night. Very good trip in Malaysia. Food amazing! I bet u guys already read some blogs about our trip and show with Jin in KL so i think i blogging Penang part... unbelievable! Curry chicken leg, fish, lambs in a very old Indian restaurant... over 100 years man no joke! This is the other one i most addict... meah mug chicken! Read more

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So hard to say GOODBYE!

Thank you very much to all of u who left comments to me, i feel u love! It's so hard to say goodbye but sometimes u know u have to it... Anyway it's still emo!

I will go Malaysia with 24herbs boys at 30th April, and will meet my boy Jin again! Can't wait to share stage with this muthafucka!

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For my Hardpack brothers!

It's kinda emo last night because that was my last show for Hardpack! For the past 3 years i was so happy can jam with you guys, share all the good and the bad. That was a priceless experience!

  How can i forgot the Malaysia tour, long ass trip on the high way, Glenn holding a jag of beer every night after show, singing Tai Chi song together, getting tattoo with Kevin after show!... How ca...Read more

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