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Blog: Thursday, Oct 9

What a crazy month... Been Taipei, Beijing,Singapore then tomorrow will go Bangkok for the Asia Hip Hop Festival. These few days were damn busy on rehearsal our set and we even invite Annie ( Brian aka JBS's wife ) teach us some move! She is so great, thanks Annie!  Yesterday we were on Juno's MV shooting, he had a song cal"Secret" featuring 24herbs, it will be out around Nov. It is a really good MV for sure, nice set,lighting,of course outfits... 24herbs first time wearing suits together... ha, looks pretty good! Unfortunately i didn't bring my camera... Damn it!Ready to go to rehearsal again. Will update soon, stay cool! 

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cool, two things to look forward to! Saturday should be good. I wanna see Eddie Dance!
over 11 years ago
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Sounds like hecka lotta fun!!! Have a great time in Bangkok ~ looking forward to seeing the MV ~ here, hopefully ^_~
over 11 years ago
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keep rock bro...n dont forget come to malaysia again lah heheh......
over 11 years ago
wow ... u'v been beijing this month ??? dude ... next time u come to beijing ! u ganna let me know okay ? let's go get a drink ... jiayou for ur rehearsal bro !!!
over 11 years ago
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嘩......Suit style!? I want to see the MV early. :D 出外Live、你要樣樣小心。
over 11 years ago
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Cool! Sounds like you guys have been working real hard, I look forward to Juno's MV featuring you guys.
over 11 years ago
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oh... sounds exciting!!~ =) have a great time in Bangkok!!!~ don't forget your camera! hahaa..
over 11 years ago
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Good luck with everything! take care
over 11 years ago
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enjoy ur hip-hop moment in bangkok~
over 11 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
awesome, can't wait to check out the mv!
over 11 years ago



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