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Blog: Saturday, Dec 13

It was a tired night, took a 7:30 speed boat toZhu Hai 珠海 then had a quick good dinner, then went to the no. 7 club to start the show. It was really good, crowd really amazing, they were very get into it so of course i put 101% energy to hype them up and DJ Miss Yellow did well as usually( will post up video when i get it) . After the show is 2:30 am, we took a van back to 深圳皇崗 need 3 hours in highway! if i don't need to work today, i must stay in  Zhu Hai 珠海 for at least one night cuz the club owner book us a really really nice hotel, how nice? (three bath room, 42' flat screen tv, sea view etc...) and Zhu Hai is a really nice place, food is good & cheap, peoples are nice and most of them are speak Cantonese, street is clean, compare to 深圳 is heaven & hell,( by the way i hate 深圳 the most dangerous place in China maybe the world, i don't know man!) Anyway back home this morning around 6:30 am, and now is 1:30 pm, ready to go Asia World Expo now! 

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ha ha, shenzhen is not so bad! i go all the time. :-P good luck tonight!
about 11 years ago
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Sounds like it was a BLAST!!! Hope Asia World Expo is awesome!!! :)
about 11 years ago
wow, it must have been great!! I hate shenzhen too =p
about 11 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
awesome!!! you guys are so busy!
about 11 years ago
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hey ah phat you know i know the owner of that shop..haha, what a small world... and why didn't you go to macau and take a ferry back to hk... i think it's more safer for you to stay on highway for three hours ar!!!
about 11 years ago
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Glad to hear it was successful!!
about 11 years ago
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Phat, will there be any gig of both of u in KL, Msia in d near future?? we have nice. luxurious hotels here too!!! haha....
about 11 years ago
sweet !!!
about 11 years ago
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wow... sounds like really a rush...
about 11 years ago



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