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Jazz Folk

2005年,马特•麦克马洪(Matt McMahon)和西蒙•巴克尔(Simon Barker)飞往香港与彼德•什尔(Peter Scherr)再次进行了合作。结果表明:在此次三人组合中,他们放弃了之前在先锋音乐方面的探索。这个三重奏组合尝试了一种极其简朴的音乐,那些是此前从未以爵士乐的形式演奏的乐曲。他们不仅演奏了原创的曲目,而且还演奏了琼尼•米切尔(Joni Mitchell)、甲壳虫乐队(The Beatles)以及尼克•德雷克(Nick Drake)等艺术家的曲目。有一点从第一次排练开始就很清楚了:这里正发生一些特殊的事情。他们在演出时加入了自由和强烈等概念,并收到了非常好的效果。听众们被这种新的声音和能量迷住了。他们三人随后在录音间里,于不经意间录制了一张深入人心的唱片:《爵士民歌(Jazz Folk)》。

钢琴家/作曲家 Matt McMahon 和打击乐手 Simon Barker 都属于悉尼最好的即兴音乐家。

低音小提琴手/作曲家 Peter Scherr 长期居住香港,他致力于把创意音乐带进这个地区,这次很高兴欢迎这两位出色的音乐家再次莅临。

Matt McMahon

Matt McMahon 是一位悉尼的钢琴...Read more

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Introducing Headache, featuring: Jim Black on drums, 
Tony Scherr on electric guitar
, Briggan Krauss on saxophones and Peter Scherr on bass. Briggan and Tony are serious cats. They play together in a band called Sex Mob, also Tony plays with Bill Frisell, and is on every single Norah Jones record, including the recently released, “Not Too Late”. Tony has won a Grammy with Bill Frisell for best jazz record with Unspeakable. Jim Black is simply the most exciting drummer in the music right now, full stop. It is our extremely good fortune that he and B...Read more

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Creative Music in China

Creative Music in China: a few words of explanation.                       By Peter Scherr


Creative Music is a handy phrase that I use to describe the musical projects that I am working on. It is general enough to encompass a wide variety of styles, yet emphasizes creativity, and the mind-set of an artistic endeavor. Within this broad category, I do have some specific interests, which will usually be present.

I prefer to avoid direct stylistic descrīptions like “Rock”, or “Jazz” or “Folk” because first of all...Read more

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roaring into spring

What can I say? I've been negligent. I've been absent. I've been, well, working out the kinks... Actually I've been working IN the kinks for the last hour or so. Going on a serious explorationi of this band. They only had a few stateside hits, and on watching the movie The Darjeeling Limited, I was just blown away by the quality of these songs that I had never heard: The Stranger, Powerman, etc. So I picked up about 15 records, and I'm getting it on...

...On paper, or rather by the appearance of my calendar in ...Read more

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Ted Lo trio at the City Festival/Learning As We Go

  Well I really learned something yesterday. It all started when the sound engineer asked me to turn down a notch from where I was the previous night. I hadn't turned up or changed anything since rehearsal. But I guess I play harder when the show starts. Dig in more, etc. Anyway, folks in the audience were commenting that there was too much bass, and since I wasn't in the house system, there was nothing that the engineer could do. Well tonight while I was warming up, I by chance moved right in fron...Read more

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Joe Rosenberg Quartet: Black Saint artist comes to Hong Kong

 The Joe Rosenberg Quartet-Black Saint artist Joe Rosenberg comes to Hong Kong  $150 admission Thursday Jan. 17 and Friday Jan 18, 2008 9:30 pm start Le Rideau 1/F Hilltop Plaza 49 Hollywood Rd Central 2850 8833 The Joe Rosenberg Quartet: featuring Edward Perraud Joe Rosenberg has lead many quartets, but this group may well prove definitive.  For the first time, Joe’s piano-based quartet will feature the electrifying drumming of Parisian Edward Perraud. With Joe’s distinctive lines and innovative c...Read more

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Headache comes around

  Well let's see... this was all so clear to me last night when I was driving to the airport to pick up my brother. I knew that I wanted to write something. It's been a long time, and a lot of important stuff is happening. I've been so busy trying to get ready for this Headache project. I feel like I'm ready for a second career as a travel agent/composer. I spent the last week with the phone pressed against my ear, arranging flights, hotels and schedules, van pickups and departure times, alternating with my chicken scr...Read more

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On the road with Escalator

So here I am in Guangzhou, just waking up in my digs at "Chez Funkenstein" aka the Peng An Hotel. It's not a bad place, actually. Refreshingly free of late night phone calls etc. Yesterday we played at Xinghai Conservatory. We played in a lovely little hall that they call the "Saloon"... Seriously. I was expecting Dutch doors and sawdust on the floor and dusty men with six shooters doing shots of rotgut. But instead, a nice little concert hall and hundreds of eager students... The group, Escalator is shaping...Read more

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Roaring into October 07

  ... many moons since my last writing... it's been a long, sometimes productive, sometimes lazy, sometimes infuriating summer... growing pains of Creative Music in China occupying most of my time. Looking forward to many exciting projects... ...just helped Sydney master musician Carl Dewhurst settle into his hotel. Seems like a very sweet cat. Reminds me a little of Briggan Krauss, gentle NY radical musician/artist. ...this week I'm getting into my Escalator project. Live electronic Improvisation. For those of you who are i...Read more

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Hello from Peter Scherr

Hello folks, I am happy to be a member of this space, this area, this community.  Actually I'm not much of a joiner, but my friend Roland told me about this site a few weeks ago. I tried to join then, but there was a little glitch with the registration process. Up early this morning to check on an overseas communication gone horribly wrong, I figured, bored, having reached an impasse, that I would try again. And it worked this time A little about me. I am 44 yrs old, lived in Hong Kong since 1989. I am a musician. My main focus th...Read more

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