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Red Beard

Decided to grow a beard again.  I do it once in a while for a change.

But WOA.

On a closer look I noticed, some RED wiskers coming through. I don't mean ginger or aubrun. They are PILLAR BOX RED !.....just under my chin.... Holy shit!  I remember having a few in the past, but never this many and this red!  FREAKY  The rest of my beard is blonde and brown....

Talked to my dad and he told me he had the same thing, just something you have to put up with! ( Got a red headed Grandmother on my dads' side ).


MY FACE LOOKS LIKE A FRIGGIN BENETTON  ad!  Now where the hell are my tweezers.

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HAHAHAHAHA ouch x.x tweezers
almost 12 years ago
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But they're pretty
almost 12 years ago
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Really? Does the red whisker stand out against the rest of your beard? You should take a pic and post it. I want to see.
almost 12 years ago



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