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Blog: Sunday, Jun 14





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Blog: Wednesday, May 6

We got a new line up.  WE GOT A NEW BAND



A Cezch on guitar a Hungarian on bass and two white Hong Kong boys.

We've uploaded new live from the studio tracks; have a listen.



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The Dragon Army

Well its been a while

It took long enough also, but finally I've found some friends that wanna play.

The Dragon Army, is up and running again, and we will soon be playing some shows in and around HK.

I'm thinking of changing the name of the band though.

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Blog: Saturday, Jul 19

WOO!                                              Yeah I know its been a while....man this networking......!

I've been busy! 

Anyway LOW ON SATURN are all green to go!!!!!!!! (RED TEAM IS FUCKING GO) We will be performing our first live gig in quite some time. 

We've been asked to REPRESENT the beautiful Medditerenian island country of Cyprus. In a festival for all newly accepted countries of the European Union.

Yup. We can't see it or understand it.......representing a fucking country....hah...Read more

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Blog: Thursday, Jun 12

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9Q79yucTis&feature=related I told you the singer Jools in dr eggs is nuts

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Blog: Monday, May 19

Hey there everyone..


Dr eggs is proving to be completely crazy.. The French singer Jools is one HELL OF A DANCER and has some great moves....I've never played so much DnB in my life, fucking wicked. I am loving this band.  We have dates already confirmed for all over China and Taiwan check out the site for gig listings.

http://www.myspace.com/doctoreggs   http://dr.eggs.free.fr/


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Bad news

Due to professional and artistic reasons; I will be going my seperate way.

Yup you guessed it Gong Wu is now without a bass player.

Its a bummer, but hey!  These things happen.  It was cool whilst it lasted, but all good  things must come to an end. We're all still good buddies, but we won't be making music together.

I have decided to join DR EGGS,    http://dr.eggs.free.fr/  A band fronted by a crazy French guy, that I met here in HK.


I hope Gong...Read more

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Fringe club

Man I have never seen the Fringe Club that packed befor!

Here's a major big thank you to everyone that showed up to the Gong Wu show. You were great and a real treat to play to!


I really enjoyed, FBI's crazy head banging, and El Destroyo, well what can I say....kick ass!

We got another show coming up early next month, see ye there


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Red Beard

Decided to grow a beard again.  I do it once in a while for a change.

But WOA.

On a closer look I noticed, some RED wiskers coming through. I don't mean ginger or aubrun. They are PILLAR BOX RED !.....just under my chin.... Holy shit!  I remember having a few in the past, but never this many and this red!  FREAKY  The rest of my beard is blonde and brown....

Talked to my dad and he told me he had the same thing, just something you have to put up with! ( Got a red headed Grandmother on my dads' side ).


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Someone tried to pimp the vocalist for GONG WU (Li Xu), and have his wicked way with him.

I don't have the whole story yet, but I will get it from the horses mouth.  Its sounds like he tried to suck Li, into doing nasty poses, for his depraved one track mind.  All under the guise of being a legit modeling/casting director.

This guy is obviously a sicko. And a complete suicidal idiot; because there are 3 guys much bigger than him, that have got Li's back covered.

For more info on this, check out the GONG WU page.

...Read more

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