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About Paul Wong

Paul first started off doing artwork for Beyond but then joined the band, Beyond on guitar and vocal in 1985 because one of the band members left. The band had numerous albums released and also participated in many different kinds live performances around the world. After Beyond split up, Paul pursued a solo career with his new band Hann and set up the Polar Bear Studio.

Discography Existence (Mandarin ver.) (2007) Madman's Work (2006) Existence (2004) Play It Loud (2002) Common Root EP (2002) Black and White (2001) Yellow Paul Wong (2001)

Filmography Rebellion (2009) Sleeping with the Dead (2002) The Boss Up There (1999) Love and Let Love! (1998) Daddy, Father and Papa (1991) Beyond's Diary (1991) Happy Ghost 4 (1990) The Fun, the Luck, and the Tycoon (1989) | Paul最開始是為Beyond做一些藝術作品,卻進了樂隊。1985年Beyond有成員離開時,他加入任吉他手和主唱之一。樂隊發行了很多專輯,也做了各式各樣的環球現場演出。Beyond解散後,Paul和他的新樂隊Hann開始單飛,還成立了Polar Bear錄音室。

唱片: 我在存在(國語) (2007) 狂人習作(2006) 我在存在 (2004) Play It Loud (2002) 同根EP (2002) 黑白 (2001) Yellow Paul Wong (2001)

影片: 同門 (2009) 枕邊兇靈 (2002) 生命揸Fit人 (1999) Love and Let Love! (1998) 老豆唔怕多 (1991) Beyond日記之莫欺少年窮 (1991) 開心鬼救開心鬼 (1990) 吉星拱照 (1989) | Paul最开始是为Beyond做一些艺术作品,却进了乐队。1985年Beyond有成员离开时,他加入任吉他手和主唱之一。乐队发行了很多专辑,也参加了各式各样的环球现场演出。Beyond解散后,Paul和他的新乐队Hann开始单飞,还成立了Polar Bear录音室。

唱片: 我在存在(國語) (2007) 狂人習作(2006) 我在存在 (2004) Play It Loud (2002) 同根EP (2002) 黑白 (2001) Yellow Paul Wong (2001)

影片: 同門 (2009) 枕边凶灵 (2002) 生命揸Fit人 (1999) Love and Let Love! (1998) 老豆唔怕多 (1991) Beyond日记之莫欺少年穷 (1991) 开心鬼救开心鬼 (1990) 吉星拱照 (1989)

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Languages Spoken English,Cantonese,Mandarin
Location Hong Kong
Gender Male
English Name Paul Wong
Traditional Chinese Name 黃貫中
Simplified Chinese Name 黄贯中
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