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Actor and model in HK

I have been in feature films, shorts, TVCs and corporate videos. I give 1000% to my work. I am also trained in stage & screen combat at the British Action Academy.

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Dec 2018. Fitness shots by @lingwhyehang. @puregymofficial #puregymlimehouse

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The face of a very reasonable man. New headshots by @lingwhyehang . Dec 2018.

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PR shoot as Kublai Khan (Genghis Khan's grandson) for a theater production at Manchester International Festival (MIF). Heaviest costume ever.

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Working on that 'Christmas tree back'. Rack-pulls, rows, pull-downs. #puregymlimehouse

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My grandma, niece, sister. Dec 2018.

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cardio #hiit #burpeepushups #burpeestarjumps #kneehighs #mountainclimbers #puregymlimehouse

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Another ADR dubbing session at Voice Over Soho for an Indian film.

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I'm actually a natural #silverfox. I actually darkened it this day with spray but in this light the silver is so prominent all over. This was right after a casting for BMW who just wasted every E Asian person's fucking time (inc recalls) as they didn't even cast any EAs in the end. Cunts.

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Cyberpunk cop. Vampire hunter. #arms #chainsaw

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British born Chinese actor in HK

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