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Can’t believe how big and glamorous it was!Sad that the shows end up so early.Lenny Kravitz was the last attraction of the Live Earth.He went up stage around 10pm and animated the crowd with hits like “American Woman”. During the music “Let Love Rule”, the singer crossed the stage, the VIP area and got closer to the crowd line causing a mess!The show end up around 10:30 pm, to early, that’s why me and some friends went up to after party ;PSome pics belowRead more

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Live Earth - Rio

Hello to ya’ll!!

I’m working very hard in this holiday. Aah, it is holiday here already!

Finally my university is over, I’ve give up from medicine and in august I’ll start photography,, what makes me quite happy ‘coz is something I really love and care.

Anyway, I’m working very hard this month… as a photographer, what I do for over two years! I’m wining a bit of extra cash ‘coz in this time of year there are a lot of graduation’s party, and everyone needs a photographer.

This Saturday I’ll go to Live Earth!! I...Read more

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Change, in the house of flies

Good day, yall!!!


Well, since I move ‘back’ to my parents’ NEW house, I’ve decided that was the time to change a bit of my diary.

After all, we are all in a moment of changes and adaptation!

Was a good change, believe it or not… easy?

I have everything organized already, I just have to adapt everything I have to my new room, new house, new streets, new distance… everything new!

My college is now 40 min from my place… and my job is much more closer!

Anyway, for those who ...Read more

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I'm Back

Hi everyone

We were just about leaving when a friend of mine (Mary) told us to stay... the boys didn't like at first, but thinking again would be a better choise.

We leaved here to create a community site, like a blog, a news site and everything like that. But whe can do all that here! and better than that, we dun have to create layouts and also can communicate to people outside Brazil (much better)

So thanks for understanding our motives

XoXo Nathy

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I'm "Alive not Dead" :)

prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /Hi everyone,


My friends have found a domain to our projects, so me Mary and some other friends are probably leaving.


Thanks everyone for being so nice, hope to keep in touch with some for a long time.


I'll update this soon as the page is ready


Kisses Nathy

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