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Going to Germany..

In 24 hours...I'll be here:

Oktoberfest in Munich!

This is the second year in a row I've gone - I'll make sure to post up pictures too....

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Hello Hong Kong!

hey everyone,

just arrived here in Hong Kong, after a 13 hour flight from Los Angeles....meeting up with Pat et al to play some poker, but on the way I figured I'd stop by the alivenotdead office to hang out with Mark.

Here's Mark generously playing the role of tour guide...figuring out where I'm going on the map:

A...Read more

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in the bay

This week has been a treat for me, since I had training in Belmont (near San Mateo) and so was able to sleep in my own bed every night!  In fact, because I had jury duty last Wednesday, I will have been in the Bay Area for 12 days straight, the longest time I've spent here since I graduated in 2004.  Kind of depressing huh?

Going to Vegas next weekend......can't wait..... 

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Pictures from Pamplona

Here are some photos from my trip to Pamplona two weeks ago, where I ran with the bulls...the festival of San Fermines runs for an entire week, with the running of the bulls occuring every morning at 8am. 

We arrived in Pamplona around 2am, after a 4 hour bus ride...as you can see, the party had been started LONG before we arrived.

The streets of the city were pa...Read more

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Quick update from Spain

Hey everyone, just a quick update from Spain.  Two Saturday´s ago I was in Pamplona and ran with the bulls....it was probably the scariest thing I´ve EVER done.  The actual running part wasn´t too hard, because it happened so fast, but the wait was what made me so nervous and scared.  I´ll be posting up pictures when I get back...

Going to Barcelona tomorrow for two days, before I head back to the US on Friday.  I´ll have the weekend to get back into the swing of things before I have to fly down to LA on Monday for work in Bur...Read more

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In Spain

Just landed in Bilbao, which is the northern part of Spain.  My long day(s) of travel started in Oakland on Wednesday morning, where I took a Southwest airlines flight to Orange County.  Then I spent the day with my parents, caught a showing of Knocked Upand then headed up to LAX.  From LAX I flew to Paris, had a VERY brief layover of 30 minutes, and then caught a puddle jumper down to Bilbao.  I´m staying here for two nights at the Sheraton (thank you Starwoood Points!), which is right down the river from the famous Guggenheim Museum Bilbao (photo...Read more

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Vacation soon!

One more week at work before I head off to Spain for 2.5 weeks of much needed vacation (plus a brief trip to Pamplona to run with the bulls...)

I'm in LA this week, and then Thursday night I fly out to Boston with my parents to visit my aunt for the weekend.  I get back into LAX at 9:15 (assuming no delays) and then I have to book it over to another terminal to catch my 10pm flight back to Oakland...I'm in the Bay Area for 3 nights, and then I have to fly BACK down to LA on July 4th in the late morning, hang out for 8 hours, an...Read more

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What's up

Gee, I've been bad...haven't been posting in awhile...let's see, what's new?

My parents are in the Bay Area this weekend visiting me...which means quiet nights at home, instead of going out in the City.  It's 11pm and I;m ready for bed....and some real sleep for once.  Tomorrow AM we're going for a bike ride with our cousins who live in Walnut Creek - I'm waking up ass early to ride my bike over there from Emeryville to meet them.

Tomorrow night going to try to hit up a lounge where some friends are h...Read more

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I love Sundays: bike ride, bloody marys, steak, and Goldeneye on TV

Heading to Spain in July for 2 weeks of much needed vacation, planning on running with the bulls in Pamplona, watch for me on ESPN!

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I'm going to New York City tonight on a redeye...I really hate these redeyes, because they are only 5 hours, so you really don't get anytime to sleep, since by the time you take off and reach a cruising altitude, it's like half an hour into the flight...besides, I have to be super exhausted to sleep on a plane.

Ah well...I'm there hanging out with some East Coast wushu folks, should be good fun.  Although I saw the weather and it's like 85 degrees...and humid!

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