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Mihail Doman's Zimmer-Friendly Journeys

Not, ho-ho-ho, zimmer frames but Hans Zimmer , perhaps the most in demand soundtrack composer alive. Romanian, Mihail Doman has spent the last few years soaking up influences from Hans, as well as other perpetrators of instrumental fusion music, including his hero, Jean-Michel Jarre and the under-valued Klaus Schulz to get to the stage where he is finally ready to unveil his masterpiece, Arhythmology

Multi-instrumentalist Mihail has created nine textured suites to allow the listener to construct their own visuals, without an overbearing narrative or structure influencing the experience. Using electronic and orchestral elements to broadly encapsulate rebirth, humanity and discovery, there is also a video to support the track Arthythmology VI, intended by the composer to be a modern pro-feminist film with influences from Botticelli’s** Birth of Venus** – classical themes which transcend time and reflect the modern age we live in.

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