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So much to talk about!

Firstly thanks to everyone who turned up to the Gong Wu show last night. It was such a kickass show. really great vibe and we loved playing for the crowd! Secondly I've been running around like crazy this week doing various jobs over HK. I had an interesting if not painful experience making a catwalk video for Diesel and Zara on Thursday.Walking backwards and forwards all day was great fun for about 1 hour, but got kinda tedious as the 10th hour drew close! uurgh.. But the guys I worked with were great fun and we were pretty much laughing through most of the boring parts of the setups.It was pretty cool working in NT in this Huge film studio area. Not seen anything like that in HK before and it was an experience being inside this giant black foglit chamber trying to walk in a straight line and do various dumb poses. Just thinking of money kept me on my feet for the whole day. haha.Also I've been composing like crazy this month. I've finally finished a structured version of a song I've been working on now for over 4 months. It's seen various forms, various lyrical and guitar styles, trumpets, brass, strings. but finally after presenting the song in numerous formats ( I think the last version of it was 26 or something)I got to a version that all the band was really happy with.The song is a very different style to what I'm used to writing. One day I was strumming on my acoustic and the intro riff of the song just came out. I was the first sticking point to the song and I knew immediately that this riff was 100% the key to a great song.The problem with riffs is that they can be a huge part of the puzzle to a great song, but it's how you use that riff that really makes the difference.This riff went from being an intro, to a bridge, into a chorus! and then finally back into an intro and used also as a bridge!!!I must've had about 20 different tangents for the song to go from there, but once I brought in the idea of vocal melody and lyrics I finally started to solidy the first verse.After about 20 rewrites of lyrics I found my theme. and with this theme in mind the chorus just came to me one day just thinking about nonsense in some random location, so i immediately made a draft in my mobile phone so I could remember the melody and word structure (people around me must think I'm nuts humming into a phone when I'm in the middle of the MTR.) hahahaAnyway so finally I had nearly all the melodies laid out..50 pages of lyrics of so later I FINALLY decided on what i wanted to do.So I've been recording vocals, laying down all the instruments and arranging and re arranging to come to the final song.It's been a very crazy ride for me as songs like "Can't breath" and "Lost in Translation" were written in a matter of minutes and composed within an hour or so..My most challenging song yet, but I also feel my most rewarding experience so far.Now that the song is finished. looking back at it I don't think I would have wanted it any other way.I had two killer riffs and Gavin loved them both so much he didn't want to use them in the same song, however I really did feel the song would benefit from them both, so the alternative riff became the outro. and once arranged into the song the guys loved the switch from the positive riff into an ultra negative riff..It's great being able to keep a song uplifting and then "break it down" at the end and give people something to really stomp about.It took me a long time to decide what the theme of the song was, obviously due to constant moods and emotions over the last 4 months the lyrics were constantly evolving. I knew the feel of the song couldn't be about love or anything soppy or depressing and so eventually I thought outside the box and somehow I found an emotional chord that nearly 99% of people feel just as passionately as me about..The song Set Free is an observation on people that get everything they want out of life without really putting in any hard work to reach there goals and are pretty much spoonfed their way through life, constantly showing off in an effort to feel approval from others etc. I think most people who are or have been in this position in life usually feel empty at the bottom of their heart with nothing to work for they lose their passion for life.The song is about freeing yourself from materialistic desires, waking up and seeing what is real and making your own life that you can truly say is your own, possibly the only way to true fulfilment? I can't believe the song has finally been completed, at some points I thought I'd love my life to it and now I truly understand why it might've took Axl Rose 14 years to have the balls to release Chinese Democracy. Knowing in his mind full well that the world was waiting for him to either write something bigger and better than Appetite or Use your Illusion or totally fail miserably to come close. I can't even imagine what it must have felt like to be under such immense pressure. especially how Axl is such a fragile little flower to begin with. Jesus..Anyway rant over,I've tried to upload the song here but I don't have any access to putting the song up on this site.So come over to www.myspace.com/gongwu and check out the 2 minute demo!I'd just like to say that I've also written about 15 songs on top of this one.And my friends can totally vouch for the fact that I disappeared for 4 months never to be seen out!Gollum from Lord of the Rings sitting in a cave is the first thing that springs to mind when people ask me where I've been for the last half year. And in a way I've been obsessing over my precious shit too.amen

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Oh and wait till you hear the version of this song with Gavin and Andrew playing guitars and Lawrence playing drums! Poo's all over my effort!
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Way to go! Creating something is often a long and solitary process. This thing just burns inside of you and you keep working at it, and struggling with it until it takes on a life of its own and seems to express something from deep within or far beyond that normal level of consciousness we typically function in. But while you're struggling to give birth to this mysterious thing that you can't describe, certainly can't see and sometimes even doubt the existence of, it just keeps rubbing you the wrong way and won't let you rest. So you go back for version 10 or 50 or 100 because you know, however close you think you are, you're just not there and the thing that lies at your feet is inert and landed with a thud. This isn't what is tearing at your heart and making you dream weird dreams at night. And so, you go back into the ring for another round, hoping that this time you'll finally have your TKO. Sounds like you've got yours.
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Checked out the song at myspace ~ rockin!!! :)
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