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My Cup of Tea - Theresa Fu

Ok people who know me by know me by now know I suck at blogs and picture taking.  One of my drummers students recognized me today at Law's practice room and kindly directed me to a couple of pictures on the internet that made me smile.I've just finished filming a short film with former Cookies front girl: Theresa Fu for her upcoming album that I believe is called "Before my Dearest"I had an awesome time working with her and the film crew over the last couple of weeks.We shot the film in and around the Marco Polo Hotel in TST.Within the film I play a Taiwanese RockStar who has come to work in Hong Kong, Only to bump into Theresa whilst she is taking some time out in the hotel to work on art and music.Within the film, Theresa and myself have a history of romance and the story is, that, due to our hectic lifestyles we never had a chance to create anything out of our feelings towards each other.The film goes onto us finally finding the time to reminisce about our past, and to open up about our mutual feelings towards each other.It was great working with Theresa and another Canto singer by the name of "little fat"(siu fei) who plays my manager in the movie. Siu Fei was hilarious to work with and kept me laughing through the majority of his performance!The great thing about this film is that not only did I get a chance to work with someone that was A: Super Hot, B actually a really nice girl but also I was finally given the chance to act in a foreign language. Throughout the film you will witness me attempting to speak not only cantonese, but also mandarin, (both languages I totally suck ass with especially mandarin) and worst of all you get to hear me speaking English... sighh.. The hardest part was memorizing lines in all languages at the same time in the same scene! I was almost in tears in some sections!But I thoroughly enjoyed acting (My actual role in the film is in reality pretty much who I am anyway and so I felt totally natural playing this character) The Director and Theresa were delighted with the outcome of the filming from what they told me. And due to how happy they were, I was also called back by Theresa last week to play the lead male role in her new and upcoming Music Video.We shot the MV in around Sai Kung area in a beautiful location near the sea. I had a great time shooting this film, very little speaking and lots of retarded over acting..And I got sunburn! Sunburn in winter?? I believe that the album and film etc is scheduled for release on Feb 14th, Valentines Day?For anyone who sees it I hope you enjoy it.I had a great time making it and look forward to making more films in future![](/attachments/2009/01/48700_200901252023201.thumb.jpg)Bad angle for me, but always a good angle for super cute Theresa.A quick kiss by the pool light at Marco Polo HK  ;) heheheooh new link in Chinese:http://appledaily.atnext.com/template/apple/art_main.cfm?iss_id=20090211&sec_id=462&subsec_id=830&art_id=12188996

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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
nice ... ya she is cute!
about 11 years ago
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about 11 years ago
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Whatcha talking about &quot;I suck at blogs and picture taking. &quot; *COUGH balony COUGH* :p Congrats on the MV job .. will watch for it :) U sunburned? Put some aloe vera lotion on it .. takes away the sting &amp; prevents peeling :)
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HAhaha I can't actually wait to see how the film turns out. new territory for me! I love working on the local side of HK. Always have so much fun with the film crews! :)
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