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So I just had one of the most awesome weekends thus far!

Me and my crew (comprising of fellow AnD dude Darren Scott, Gong Wu drummer Lawrence) and a few other lads went on a lads weekend to Zhu Hai!

Last night we race Go Karts around a crazyass track!

Me and my friend Pierce got badly hurt as the karts we're pretty fast on such a tight circuit!

I got the worst whiplash ever as some dude plowed straight into me. 

I got stuck on a corner and in the one instant I looked over he smacked me right in the back. My neck went CRACK@! The dude gave me an apologetic and scared wave as he knew it musta really hurt!


That night we went out clubbing! My drummer Lawrence got up on a poidium in the middle of this hugass club and was winding and grinding for ages! My stomach hurt this morning (and obviously my neck!) from pure laughter at his expense!

So with 3 hours sleep and a hugeass broken neck and hangover it was time for the real deathmatch...

Road Rash time..

Anyways today me and the boys went over to the Zhu Hai International Circuit to race Superbikes with my father's racing team!


None of us have really had any superbike exposure so for the first couple of ours we were forced onto 50cc scooters and stripped down bikes.

Actually this was pretty dangerous as I'm the kind of person that tests everything to breaking point!


I wiped out round a seriously dusty bend on the street! I smashed the scooter to pieces and luckily my leathers saved me from any damage. (thank god it was my dad's bike otherwise the damage wouldda cost me some hard $$$ hehehe)

It was Awesome! hahah! We then went ATV Drifting which was also awesome! I got the ATV doing donuts at one point. Unfortunately for one of the guys he got a little too excited on it and launched it into a river on the outskirts of the course!!

We were all totally shocked at how the hell he managed to plunge it headfirst into a watery grave but the guy took off his shoes and socks and launched into the river after it!! hahahah

we all got ropes and managed to save the ATV.

Anyways onto the main course. 

A few hours later we we're put onto 600cc Kawazakis and Hondas.

This is were shit got really dangerous!!!

At first we were all nervous as hell around the race track barely going over 100kmph on the straights, one by one we picked up the courage to overtake each other and eventually after about half an hour we were actually getting to grips with the new bikes..

One the LAST lap our friend Jeff decided to take a huge risk and overtake at turn one.

it was at this point he lost control of the bike and ejected into the sand trap rolling like a mofo off into the distance!

Now us being boys it was not shock or fear that swept over us, only a united laughing at his expense! yeah we're assholes but it was hilarious and luckily jeff only smashed the shell of the bike and hd no physical damage even after rolling at such a high speed.

Anyways once we we're all back off the circuit we laughed histerically at his expense for a while then went onto round 2!

Now Round 2 was hotting up, we were off the training leash and my buddy Kareem (the instructor) started going to race speeds.

No one fell off this time but we seriously picked up some crazy ass speed!

I finally got to grips with leaning after a lifetime of never understand how the hell you do it! 

And on the final straight after a few near misses myself I managed to get the bike to well over 230kmph! It was fucking scary as hell, the wind felt like it was gonna knock me out of my seat and at one point into turn 1 I had to slam the breaks on so hard my face almost came off my skull! CRAZY!!!

I got used to the bike to the point I could take my hands off the wheel, and it was at about this time I managed to overtake a few lads and flip them the bird every now and again.

I also got a few fingers from Lawrence on a few corners, the guys actually had alot of bike experience so we we're battling for 2nd place alot!

Me and Darren had a hugeass blast and for sure we'll be going back again very very soon to polish up our MOTOGP racing skillz :)

For anyone who dares it's such a rush! 

I love Zhu Hai! One of the most awesome places thus far!

Oh I'll get back to my music this week I promise.


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Photo 38281
LOL man alright now you only know half of it with the wind in your face. the thrill comes from riding on the highway weaving in n out of cars... real rush also when you zip right inbetween two semi's cool trip yo! would love to buy a bike someday in hk n just take it out n abouts.
about 11 years ago
Photo 48700
you try weaving in and out of jeff, pierce and darren's irratic driving at high speed, possibly worse than the roads of China! haahaha
about 11 years ago
Mariejost 26 dsc00460
Wah! You guys are scaring the Be'Jeezes out of me. I used to ride on the back of my BFs bike and it scared the hell out of me, and we weren't racing. His old 750cc Suzuki was so heavy, when it was laid own, even with my feet braced, I couldn't pick up the damn thing. I know what you mean about leaning into the curves--scary as hell, especially when you're on the back and don't know how much he's going to throttle down and take a tight turn and you see the pavement coming up to meet you. Thank God we never ditched! I hope you guys all have good health insurance!
about 11 years ago
Photo 38281
woo hoo sexy leathers! best part was trying to get out of them huh? hahaha but yeah just the whole group of guys put togehter... haha tis a bunch odd balls... so its wild im sure.
about 11 years ago
Photo 43083
And you said you can't write blog .. what the heck was this then? :P *Note to self .. NEVER ride on motorcycle with these guys!!! xD
about 11 years ago
Photo 48700
between rounds 1 and 2 we actually had power naps. I had a huge neck cramp and hangover so I ended up passing out in the middle of the garage floor on my back for 30 mins.. When I woke up I looked around and everyone else was asleep too!! hahahaa!!!
about 11 years ago
Have you seen the Pepsi Max "I'm good" commercial? Reminds me of you guys.. http://tv.popcrunch.com/pepsi-max-im-good-super-bowl-2009-commercial-ad-video/
about 11 years ago
Photo 260322
Looking pretty Hawt there boys. Thanks for the blog on this eventful day. You guys are crazy going that fast but glad you all are okay. Someone should get video next time. That would be so cool then add some Gong Wu music to it. ^o^
about 11 years ago
Photo 260322
These Bikes look reallr cool! Sounds like you guys caught on really fast and I mean REALLLLY FAST! Yikes. Thanks for the pictures.
about 11 years ago


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